(Clearwisdom.net) A sick lady in her 50s from Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, acquired a DVD of the Divine Performing Arts show. She watched it six times in a row. She told me, "It's truly an excellent show. The dancer's posture was exquisite, the dresses were beautiful, and the music sounded so familiar that you wanted to sing along. The words of the songs really resonate with me. Every dance tells a story of its own with deep inner meaning. I was so moved that I could not stop watching until I had viewed it six times."

"When my son and daughter-in-law came home, we watched it together one more time. My son said that he had never enjoyed songs and dances this beautiful and that the Chinese people ought to be proud of their old culture."

She then added, "Due to illness, I could not sit very long in the past without feeling pain, especially along my lower back. The strange thing is that I was able to sit for several hours to watch the show and now I feel great. My pain is all gone!"

1. My Mother Improves after Watching the Divine Performing Arts Show

My mother came to town to visit us and then went to the hospital for a checkup on her chest pain. She had heard some facts about Falun Dafa, and I let her watch the Divine Performing Arts Show on DVD. She really enjoyed it. She returned to her village, and a few days later, she called to tell me that her chest pain was gone. For a few days, she did not take any medicine. She knew she had been helped by the Master of Falun Dafa and was very grateful.

2. "It Would Be Great If the Show Came to China."

My father works for the Public Security System. After watching the show, he said, "The performers in this show are all of very high caliber. It is truly a high caliber show. I hope the show can come to China."

One day some friends came to visit us. We invited them to watch the show on DVD. They said, "Can we take it home to watch? It is not available domestically. It's a good show!"

I asked my daughter to lend her dance teacher a copy of the DVD. Later when I met him, he said, "Truly a great show! Every performer is a quality professional. How come this art group has so many top quality performers? The backdrop is so colorful and perfectly set. I shall return it to you later."

I said, "This DVD is yours to keep." He was so happy and kept on thanking me.

3. "The Divine Performing Arts Show Is High Quality. It Is Well Worth Watching!"

After seeing the show, a friend of mine praised it a lot. He really loved it and highly recommended it to his relatives and friends. He said, "It is the grand show of the century, it has high ideals and a magnificent setup. It truly demonstrates that its music is from heaven. It shows the essence of China's 5,000-year-old traditional culture. The show has brought back the original Chinese culture and rectifies deviations from the real traditions, thus reviving the true Chinese culture. The compassion displayed by the show and its rhythmic scenes bring forth awakening and purification of one's heart. The professionalism of the performers is also amazing. My entire family is grateful for the opportunity to see this show."

Commenting on specific pieces in the show, he said, "I loved the rhythm of the classical music. I really enjoyed the "Drummers of the Tang Court" and "Victory Drums." The thundering sound and the rhythmic drums are powerful and appear to be able to crush evil of all kinds. It is really enjoyable."

4. "I Am Also a Lucky One."

This lady is nearly 70 years old. Normally, she does not watch TV. When I let her watch the Divine Performing Arts show DVD, she kept on saying, "Great!"

After seeing the show, she asked me, "Where was this show presented?" I said, "Divine Performance Arts has performed in over 60 cities worldwide. Over 650,000 people have seen it. Not only do foreigners like to watch it, but the overseas Chinese are proud of the show, too. It is really a treasure of China."

She said, "The foreigners are really lucky!" I said, "Well, you have seen it too." The lady said, "Yes, I am also a lucky one. That group of performers is truly outstanding."

5. "How Come There Are So Many Talented Artists in Your Falun Gong Group?"

One day I met Mr. Zhou, who has quit the Chinese Communist Party, and gave him a copy of the DVD. Later I went to give Mr. Zhou a copy of a CD about the Communist mob attacking practitioners of Falun Gong in Flushing, NY. He said to me, "This show is really great! I enjoyed it very much. The Communist Party show is no comparison. How come there are so many talented artists in your Falun Gong group?"