(Clearwisdom.net) 70-year-old Ms. Jia Changzhi, a Falun Dafa practitioner, lived in Chaoyangchuan County, Longjing City, Jilin Province. When she went to Sandao District to clarify the truth around May 10, someone reported her and she was arrested and taken to the Chaoyangchuan Town Police Station. She is now being persecuted in Beida Detention Center.

Ms. Jia's home was illegally searched. Police officer Ma was involved in taking her belongings. Three years ago, she was brutally tortured by police from the Anmin Police Station in Longjing City.

At the end of April 2005, Ms. Jia was arrested by the police from Longjing City while she was visiting a friend. At that time, she had truth-clarification materials with her. The police from the Anmin Police Station tortured her for over ten hours to extort a confession and to force her to tell them where the truth clarification materials came from. Three police officers fiercely kicked her knees and forced her to kneel down on a long, narrow stick, which caused a lot of pain in her knees. The police stripped off all Ms. Jia's clothes and hung her up. Five officers took turns torturing her. Some of them hit her in the head with a bottle of water while others beat and kicked her.

During the torture, Officer Zhang Naijiang shouted at Ms. Jia, "You are so old it is disgusting. It would be better to find two junk collectors to rape you." Two months after Zhang Naijiang tortured Ms. Jia, he was promoted to the position of deputy chief of the police station.

After more than ten hours of torture, there were bruises all over of Ms. Jia's body, and her feet had turned completely dark. On the afternoon of the next day, the police put heavy shackles on her and hung her up on the window with her toes barely touching the floor. A police officer hit Ms. Jia in the head with a bottle of water in order to not leave any visible injures. She was hit so hard that it made her dizzy.

At that time the police took over 3,000 yuan and Ms. Jia's bank book. She was also illegally sentenced to prison for four years. During her imprisonment, Ms. Jia was tortured severely and almost died. Finally she was released on bail for medical treatment. Now she has been arrested again.