Sydney: Falun Gong Rally Condemns CCP's Extension of Persecution to Free Countries (Photos)

( On June 5, 2008, Falun Gong practitioners held a rally in front of the Chinese Consulate to protest and condemn the CCP for inciting hatred among overseas Chinese and instigating local thugs to attack Falun Gong practitioners in Flushing, New York. They also expressed support of the righteous actions of the volunteers of the Service Center for Quitting the CCP in Flushing. Falun Gong practitioners in Australia, holding banners in the rain, looked solemn in front of the Chinese Consulate.

New York: "The Theme of Today's Parade is Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" (Photos)

( On June 1, 2008, Puerto Rican residents of New York held a parade in Long Island. It was one of biggest of local parades, with more than 20 thousand people watching it. Falun Gong practitioners also took part in the parade as the only Asian group.

Clarifying the Truth in Neuchatel, Switzerland (Photos)

( On May 31, 2008, Falun Gong practitioners held a day of activities to promote Falun Gong in the city of Neuchatel, Switzerland. Situated near the largest lake in Switzerland, Lac de Neuchatel, the northern city of Neuchatel is a city reminiscent of medieval times.

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