(Clearwisdom.net) After learning that New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) has been forced to interrupt its broadcasting to Mainland China, we immediately started to send righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil. However, one important aspect that we overlooked is that we should search within ourselves. Over the last several days, through repeatedly studying Master's new Fa lecture, I have come to enlighten to this: that this broadcasting interruption is directly related to the xinxing of Dafa practitioners in Mainland China.

NTDTV has been on air for several years and it has played the role of exposing the evil continuously. However, now we should seriously ask ourselves: Have we really paid attention to the important role that NTDTV plays in the salvation of sentient beings? Television is the major means of family entertainment in China. It is also the main channel that the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has used to instill its evil party culture into people's minds. Its influence can be seen almost everywhere. Since the persecution of Falun Gong started, television broadcasting has played the leading role in the CCP's blanket campaign of slandering and framing Dafa. Therefore, the evil has poured a huge sum of money and resources into the numerous television stations in China, so as to try to maintain its absolute control of television programming. With regards to those Dafa practitioners who have participated in tapping into television broadcasting and airing truth-clarification information, the evil has never hesitated to use the most vicious means to persecute the practitioners involved, and many of the practitioners involved have lost their lives.

Since the establishment of NTDTV, especially after it began broadcasting to Mainland China, overseas practitioners have broken through layer upon layer of hurdles and overcome huge difficulties, including lack of funds, resources, and manpower. They have made NTDTV programs better and better, with programming suited to people of diverse backgrounds. The hosts and hostesses have elegant and serene demeanors. The programs aired are objective and truthful. Just as the ordinary people who watch the programs have commented, "All of what they have said is right to the point."

Recently, to break through the evil Party's control over the Chinese people, practitioners in China have started to help non-practitioners' families to install satellite receiving devices. However, for such a highly efficient and effective means of saving sentient beings as NTDTV programming, many practitioners who are capable of participating in setting up the receiving system have not given this work enough attention.

Using my own family as an example, we had received the satellite dish a very long time ago. I had tried several times, but still had not received any signal, so I just put it aside. My family members who are not cultivators are still watching the television programs that the evil Party uses to disseminate its lies. They ask the same questions that I have answered so many times. I feel frustrated and anxious when I cannot get onto the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, when the printer has problems, or when the preparation of "truth-clarification" materials is affected, but I have felt indifferent towards NTDTV, a powerful Fa tool for the salvation of sentient beings! I had not realized that I need to do my part so that it can fully play its role. This loophole has been taken advantage of by the evil. It wasn't until this recent setback that I have realized that on this issue, I still have many human notions and attachments that I have to let go of; my main attachment is still fear and the various kinds of worries.

Master said,

"The gods set forth something in the early period of my Fa-rectification, namely, that whatever the wicked Party does, regardless of its aim, will end up assisting me and Dafa disciples. So, whenever the wicked CCP wants to do some bad thing, it will turn into a failure and scandal as soon as it's begun. Take a good, objective look and you will see that everything that has happened over the past nine years has turned out that way." ("Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference," May 24, 2008)

The CCP's brazen act of attacking the Quitting the Party Center in Flushing, New York has let the world's people clearly see its evil nature. It is giving people opportunities to correctly position themselves, and is tempering Dafa practitioners. As a result of the attacks, the Quitting the Party Sites in Flushing have increased from one to five, and more sentient beings are being offered the chance to be saved. This time, the CCP has dared not to openly show its hand in the sabotaging of NTDTV's satellite broadcasts, which fully indicates that the evil minions are breathing their last breath and have already become powerless.

As Master has already told us that everything that we encounter on our cultivation path are good things, we can use this incident to study Master's lecture well, let go of our various attachments, do well the work of promoting NTDTV broadcasting in a more solid way, and help NTDTV programs reach into every part of China.

We have often encountered tribulations in the past. We usually emphasized that these were due to the evils' interference and we eliminated them through sending righteous thoughts, but we have seldom searched within ourselves. Now Master has made this Fa principle so clear. We, the Dafa practitioners in Mainland China should do our own parts well, and find the shortcomings that we still have. All of us should pay attention to the broadcasting of NTDTV. Once we have improved ourselves, the evil will automatically be eliminated, because everything in the Three Realms has come for the Fa-rectification, and similarly, the sabotaging of NTDTV broadcasting will not be acknowledged by the righteous gods.

June 26, 2008