1. Miss Wang Lingling is 17 years old and comes from Weihai City. In 2004 she was sent to a forced labor camp and detained in solitary confinement. The police hung her up in the air by her handcuffed wrists for eleven days because she refused to give up Falun Gong. The punishment was then extended to forced standing for eleven days. Due to the severe persecution, she became suffered mental trauma and became seriously ill. She is now at home.

2. Ms. Gao Wenmei, who is in her forties, is from Weifang City. In August 2006 she was arrested and sent to the Second Women's Forced Labor Camp. In April 2007, Deputy Group Leader Guard Lin Yuezhen (female) shouted at her for working slowly. Ms. Gao said to her, "You swear at me for working slowly. I will stop work now." Lin handcuffed Ms Gao for seven days and nights and didn't let her sleep. They handcuffed her so tightly that her wrists became infected. The guards beat her in turns and kicked her with their leather shoes. Li Aiwen, leader of the Third Brigade, Lin Yuezhen, deputy leader and Section Chief Chen Suping brought in a group of male policemen to torture female Falun Dafa practitioners. They held a big meeting and forced Ms. Gao to read the review on herself out loud. In late June and early July they tried to force her to write something slandering Master, but she refused. The guards put her in solitary confinement and deprived her of sleep around the clock. She was not allowed to shower or take care of her personal needs.

Also detained in solitary confinement were practitioners Ms. Chu Yongling, Ms. Qiao Ruiying, Ms. Liu fumei, Ms. Tian Qinghua, and Ms. Liu Xinhua. The guards handcuffed them to a bed and tortured them. They couldn't stand up or squat down. They weren't allowed to use the toilet or go to bed. They were tortured around the clock.

3. Ms. Wang Quanlian comes from Muping, Yantai City. In 2004 she was sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp. She was severely tortured when she was in the Fourth Brigade in the Second Forced Labor Camp, and was later transferred to the Third Brigade. Head of the Brigade Li Aiwen, Deputy Head Lin Yuezhen, Political Commissar Wang Yonghong, Team Leader Song Hong, and Li Qian tortured Ms. Wang and deprived her of sleep. They extended her sentence and forced her to work very hard.

4. In November 2005, Ms. Zhu Huizhen, 46, was arrested and sent to the Second Forced Labor Camp. She was detained in solitary confinement. Female guards Li Aiwen, Wang Yonghong, Li Qian, and Song Hong instigated Han Yuzhen and Jiao Cuiguo, who once were practitioners but turned against Falun Gong under pressure, to mentally torture Ms. Zhu. They didn't allow her to sleep and as a result she suffered mental trauma. The guards instigated Jiao Cuiguo to poke the soles of her feet to see if she was indeed mentally traumatized. She didn't feel the pain. The guards ordered another four people to carry her in a quilt to outside the gate. They said they would take Ms. Zhu to a doctor and ordered the four people to come back. Ms. Zhu didn't return until several days later, and she couldn't walk. They locked her in a room with steel cabinets. Guards ordered Jiao Cuiguo to watch over her and help her to learn to walk. Jiao was with Ms. Zhu for one month. She could walk along the cabinets by herself. The guards also tried to force Ms. Zhu to slander Master, but she didn't. She didn't, in fact, say a single word. Because she didn't speak, they sent her to Sanba Hospital. The Sanba Hospital staff persecuted Ms. Zhu as well. After she returned, she was locked in the same room and strictly watched over.

In February 2006, the guards forced Ms. Zhu to stand around the clock and deprived her of sleep. They also tried to force her to step on Master's photo, but she refused. The guards tied her legs with tape and taped Master's photo to her feet. They also sealed her mouth with tape. She stood over Master's photo for several days and nights. They then hung her up, handcuffed her, and slid her along the beam of the building. The following people tortured Ms. Zhu: Head of the Brigade Li Aiwen, Deputy Head Lin Yuezhen, Political Commissar Wang Yonghong, Team Leader Li Qian, Ding Haiying, Yin Guihua, Han Xinke, Zhang Chunxia, Zhang Fang, Yan Shuping, and Cui Hongwen. Lin Yuezhen beat her and kicked her. The guards tortured Ms. Zhu for more than a month which resulted in her being blinded. The following four months Lin Yuezhen and Yin Guihua often found fault with Ms. Zhu. They said she was useless.

Zhu couldn't see due to the tortures. The police said that they would take her to Sanba Hospital to treat her eyes. Beginning in August 2006 they took her to see doctors, but her eyes became worse. In November they took her to Sanba Hospital again. In July 2007 she was locked in the same room and strictly watched over. The guards didn't give her enough food and didn't let her shower. She slept very little. She was not released until November 2007.

5. Ms. Qiu Hongmei is in her 30s. She comes from Shengli Oil Field in Dongying City. In June 2005 she was sent to the Second Forced Labor Camp. The guards deprived her of sleep. Liu Xueying, a collaborator, threatened her by saying that she would be sentenced if she didn't give up Falun Gong. Ms. Qiu was terrified and gave in. Later she felt guilty. In March 2006, she announced that she had started to practice Falun Gong again. Jiao Cuiguo and Qu Hongwen sent her to the guards, who took turns torturing her, and they deprived her of sleep. She shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" Guard Yin Guihua, female, beat her with an electric baton. They sealed her mouth with tape. She struggled when they tied her up. Head of the Brigade Li Kewen tried to force her to drink an unknown substance, but she refused. The guards then force fed her and covered her nose and mouth with towels, and she thus fainted. The guards then force fed her with an unknown substance.

After she became conscious again, she was dizzy and had a headache. She found that she was handcuffed. She struggled for a long time, and as a result her hands and wrists became infected. The guards then opened the handcuffs and tightly tied her hands and wrists with soft bands. It was extremely painful. Her hands were numb even after she was released. The guards forced her to stand up, and when she finally struggled to stand up, before she could stand still, female guard Ding Haiying kicked her legs, causing her to fall to the ground again. They then forced her to stand up again. She was so severely tortured that her mind was not clear all the time.

6. Ms. Diao Chunhua worked in a ceramics factory in Zibo City. In March or April 2007 she was arrested and sent to the Second Forced Labor Camp. Lin Yuezheng and Song Hong instigated Liu Guoai to force Ms. Diao to slander Master. Ms. Diao clarified the truth to them. The guards didn't let her talk and they didn't listen. They severely tortured her from April to June. She was then transferred to the Second Brigade.

The following are some of the personnel who are directly involved in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners at the Second Women's Forced Labor Camp in Wang Village, Shandong Province:

Director Liu Changzeng, male
Party Secretary Yu Yiguang, male
Political Commissar Wang Jun, male

The following are all females:
Chief of the Management Department Chen Suping
Head of the Third Brigade Li Aiwen
Deputy Head Lin Yuezhen
Political Instructor Wang Yonghong
Team Leaders Li Qian, Ding Haiying, Yin Guihua, Yan Shuping, Zhang Fang, Zhang Chunxia, Han Xinke, and Song Hong
Accomplices Han Yuzhen, Jiao Cuiguo, Liu Zhen, Dong Yuzhen, Liu Xueying, Qu Hongwen, and Liu Guoai