(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Qi Yunping is a teacher employed by Suji Horse Farm Elementary School located in Haixing County, Hebei Province. On July 23, 2007, she was arrested by five police officers headed by Wang Minghao, male, the director of the National Security Division, Haixing County Department. She was taken from her home to a detention center. After she was severely tortured and mistreated, she went on a hunger strike for a month. During that period, she was brutally force-fed, which resulted in additional physical and emotional abuse. Later, the agents from the Haixing County Court held a secret trial where they planned to sentence Ms. Qi. She criticized them and refused to cooperate. She told the officers that it was not a crime to be steadfast in your faith and that they should stop persecuting her immediately. The trial abruptly ended halfway through.

At the end of March 2008, after she had been detained for eight months, Ms. Qi was transferred to the Yanshan County Detention Center ,where she endured more torture. During the time that Ms. Qi has been detained, her 13-year-old son has not had a permanent place to live. Previously he was an excellent student who received top grades, but since the uncertainty in his home life, his grades have plummeted. Everyday, he looks forward to being reunited with his mother upon her return. Ms. Qi's parents, who are elderly, cry everyday. The extended stress of the situation has caused her father to loose sight in one of his eyes. Her mother has also developed many illnesses. Her incarceration has caused tremendous sadness to the whole family.

On May 27, 2008, three police officers, two male and one female, following Wang Minghao's orders, took Ms. Qi, who was now emaciated with many severe diseases, from the Yanshan County Detention Center to Fude Hospital in Yanshan County for an exam. Her family heard about the transfer and was deeply worried, so they went to Wang Minghao and asked for Ms. Qi's release. The family asked Wang what crimes Ms. Qi could have possibly committed and why she had been held beyond her sentenced time. Wang was at a loss, but he did say that he was not the person in charge of the case. Wang later agreed that he would find out some answers within a couple days. The family then went to agents of the procuratorate and the court to ask for Ms. Qi's release. All related personnel shifted responsibility, saying they had nothing to do with it. Eventually, some people in the know told the family that Ms. Qi had never been sentenced. She should have been released earlier, because she had been held beyond the previously prescribed term. Later, the director of the Haixing County Police Department, Feng Wei, told the family to prepare three copies of the Appeal for Release and give them to the police department, the procuratorate, and the court. Even so, there has been no information on her release.

Feng Wei, male, the director of the Haixing County Police Department: 86-317-6621329
Haixing County Police Department: 86-317-6621001
The Political Commissar of the police department: 86-317-6621328
Director of National Security Division Wang Minghao: 86-317-6623169, 86-13315785706 (Cell)
Headmaster of the Suji Horse Farm Elementary School Qi Baochang, male: 86-317-6631102

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