(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Jiang Qiulai (over 60, exact age unknown), lived in Renqiu City, Hebei Province. On October 10, 2007, Mr. Jiang and fellow practitioners, including Mr. Li Yaozong, were arrested while doing the Falun Dafa exercises at home. His home was ransacked. Mr. Jiang was detained in Renqiu City Detention Center for four months, and he was severely tortured with brutal force-feeding among other methods. On February 27, 2008, his family picked him up, for his condition so urgent that he could not walk.

Mr. Jiang was bedridden and could not take care of himself. His family took him to see doctors, and they found he had four fractured ribs. Mr. Jiang told them they were caused by guards beating him in the detention center. Mr. Jiang's family had him treated with intravenous injections, but he died on June 11, 2008.

When they saw that Mr. Jiang was being severely tortured, Mr. Li Yaozong's family worried about his life. On April 11, 2008, they went to the court and the detention center to request his release. They finally saw the judge handling the case at 4 p.m., and he told them both Mr. Jiang and Mr. Li were sentenced to four years in prison. Mr. Li appealed the sentence, and the case is being handled by the Cangzhou City Court (higher than the Renqiu City Court).

Renqiu City Detention Center: 86-317-2387002, 86-0317-3337890
Renqiu City Detention Center Director Li Jinpeng (male): 86-13731709998 (Cell), 86-1363275666 (Cell)
Renqiu City Police Department Director Wu Zhiping (male): 86-13315785501 (Cell), 86-317-2222130 (Office)
Renqiu City 610 Office Chair Cui Hongzhuang (male): 86-13603276158 (Cell)
Renqiu City Procuratorate Chief Li Fuhua (female): 86-317-2213537 (Office), 86-13513270751 (Cell)
Renqiu City Court Deputy Chief Li Yening (male, in charge of case approval): 86-13932775166 (Cell), 86-317-2227566 (Home), address: Guo'an Community Building 2, West Apartment, second floor, East door.
Renqiu City Vice Mayor Zhang Shulin (male): 86-1383250698 (Cell), 86-317-2262966 (Office), 86-317-2262968 (Home)