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5. Propaganda Floods the Airwaves, Covering Up CCP Mistakes

The Communist regime's propaganda machinery following the quake was cranked up to full volume. People around the world heard reports from Chinese media of how effective the rescue efforts were, and how people in the disaster areas are satisfied with the work being done. Reports rarely showed the sufferings of people in the disaster area, or made mention of corrupt officials and their misdeeds. Nor did we see much about the the sadness and anger of the survivors, upset that so many more died than should have.

Tragedy turned quickly into farce. Trauma became a topic for entertainment.

The tragedy turned into crude praise for "heroes," with no attention at all paid to those responsible for such unnecessary widespread death.

Have we forgotten that many children were buried under the ruins? Have we forgotten the scenes of the children's arms and legs dismembered from their bodies? Have we forgotten the parents whose tears ran dry? Have we forgotten that right next to the collapsed school buildings other buildings stood intact? Have we forgotten the ruins that buried young bodies were of sub-standard concrete and non-steel-reinforced prefabricated panels?

What is the best way to mourn the children? It is not by praising the living heroes. Shouldn't we keep the children in our memories and discover the real reason for their untimely deaths. Shouldn't we seek justice for them?

What else should we do? On what should money be spent? We should inspect the structural integrity of all schools and daycare centers throughout China. We should reinforce dangerous school buildings. We should investigate the developers and construction companies who built these shoddy structures, as well as those school leaders. We should keep the saddest pictures on the front page to make people remember this 21st century disaster instead of becoming caught up in praising officially sanctioned heroes and so-called "great accomplishments." Let us think about it. While we are celebrating great rescue effort accomplishments, tomorrow, if there is a new earthquake in another part of China, won't more children be buried in collapsed school buildings?

Regretfully, the Communist media never cover such serious topics. The Communist Central Committee's Propaganda Department and its media outlets reacted even quicker than the rescue teams. The same night, Li Changchun, member of the Standing Committee for the CCP convened a meeting regarding propaganda and reporting strategies and commanded the media nationwide to focus on "positive propaganda." Tens of thousands of Internet spies were required to immediately get on the Internet, to monitor people surfing the Internet and focus attention on the promotion of official party propaganda.

Even more shocking was an event outside China. During the critical time for rescuing people in the disaster areas, the desperate CCP organized a violent attack on a rally organized by Falun Gong practitioners in the USA that supported the millions of people who have withdrawn from the CCP. The regime twisted the message of the rally, accusing practitioners of saying "Heaven eliminates China." This was then widely reported in Mainland China in attempts to distract people's attention by creating an imaginary enemy.

On June 1, Children's Festival Day, the more than 500 parents who lost their children at the Xinjian Elementary School collapse celebrated the last Children's Festival for their children in front of the ruins. It was an intensely sad affair, with many people overcome by emotion for their lost children. They had a long banner, "Strictly Punish the Responsible Parties who built the Poorly Constructed School Buildings for Xinjian Elementary School!" At the Juyuan Middle School, the parents blocked the excavators from continuing to dig in the ruins. They asked to keep this last evidence of the poorly constructed buildings. However, we will never see such a nod to memory from any of the regime's June 1 programs on TV. All we could see was the surviving children organized to perform, although they were still in shock and scared. The regime used the innocent faces of children to camouflage the dark cruel reality.

6. Conclusion

Chinese people always respect Heaven and Earth and think Heaven and Earth are at the root of every being's creation and growth. If the ruler of the country is tyrannical and goes against the principles of heaven, leading to the demoralization of the society, many strange phenomena will occur as warnings.

In ancient China, comets and earthquakes have been phenomena the rulers worried about and paid great attention to. Each time an earthquake happened, even the most tyrannical rulers would examine their conscience. The CCP's preoccupation with "atheism" has destroyed and is still destroying China's cultural heritage and separates the inter-connectedness between Heaven, Earth and humanity. The regime's politics makes people believe only in the current lifetime instead of future lifetimes. It makes people not value moral standards. It makes people think admiring gods is foolish.

Many government officials are corrupt and society has become very demoralized, angering Heaven and Earth. Many disasters have happened in China in recent years. But the Party, the root of all evil for the Chinese nation, always uses its propaganda to turn every crisis into a "great accomplishment." The regime's officials hurl the Chinese people into an unfathomable abyss. During the SARS epidemic a couple of years ago, many innocent lives were lost because the regime covered up the truth. Following the epidemic, the Party came out smelling like a rose, invincible and glorious as always. As explained in "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party," one generation of Chinese died deceived, and another generation continues to be cheated. This is the biggest sorrow of the Chinese people, the most unfortunate aspect of the Chinese nation.

If earthquake experts risked their lives to give warnings such as "Between May and July there might be significant earthquakes in the Wenchuan area of Sichuan Province," you might have thought it a false alarm. But if the earthquake really happened, you would be grateful they told you the truth and thus saved many lives.

The red terror of the CCP makes practitioners risk their lives when telling people the truth of what is happening in the world today.

How do you prevent a terrible disaster from happening to you? I would like to share a true story. A young worker in Dujiangyan City believed in the truth and quit the Youth League. He jumped from the fourth floor of his building during the earthquake, before it completely collapsed, and he was unhurt! It was a miracle. His family lives in the heavily damaged Xianger Township disaster area in Dujiangyan. They were all safe, too. We truly believe that quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations is the best way for Chinese people to save themselves from the same fate that may soon befall the communist party itself.

Gods are benevolent and only look at your hearts. When people withdraw from the CCP, using an alias is as effective as using their real names. If they cannot get to the website to declare their withdrawals, they can post them publicly or write them on currency. We hope that more of the millions of people who pledged their souls to the Chinese Communist Party make this most important choice!

(The End)