(Clearwisdom.net) Male police officers at the Kuangshan Police Station in the Huaiyin District, Jinan City, have followed Jiang Zemin's orders since the beginning of the persecution of Falun Gong. They and others have savagely tortured Falun Gong practitioners. Station chief Zhang Jizhong has been involved in dozens of persecution incidents. Policewomen at this station often electrically shock male Falun Gong practitioners' genitalia.

The following are the experiences of Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Shihang while detained in the Kuangshan Police Station.

In May 2006, Huaiyin District 610 Office agents ordered police at the Kuangshan Police Station to arrest Zhang Shihang. Station chief Zhang Jizhong, accompanied by a dozen policemen, broke into Zhang Shihang's house at 442 Zhuangdong, Kuangshan and arrested Zhang Shihang and his 80-year old grandmother. They also confiscated Mr. Zhang's computer, digital camera and printers, which were worth 19,000 yuan.

Zhang Shihang refused to give up his belief. He insisted that he is innocent for practicing Falun Gong and asked the police to return his belongings. The police became angry and began to beat Mr. Zhang in front of his grandmother. The old woman scolded them. Three policemen then took Mr. Zhang to the second floor and beat him.

The police separated Mr. Zhang and his grandmother at the station. They believed Mr. Zhang to be a leader among Falun Gong practitioners. They discovered the names of certain practitioners in Mr. Zhang's grandmother's diary and thus suspected Mr. Zhang to be in charge of delivering Falun Gong materials to those practitioners. They asked him questions. When Mr. Zhang refused to answer, they beat him.

A policewoman's evil deeds

A 40-year-old policewoman from the "610 Office" in Huaiyin came to the Kuangshan Police Station and asked about Zhang Shihang. Male officers brought Zhang Shihang to a meeting room and ordered him to quit Falun Gong. The policewoman made tea for Zhang Shihang, trying to influence him to "reform" by pretending to be his friend. When they asked Mr. Zhang if he knew that practicing Falun Gong is illegal, he replied that his belief is not illegal.

The policewoman became infuriated. She pulled Mr. Zhang to another room and beat him. She had Mr. Zhang tied to a metal bed and beat him on the chest and abdomen with a plastic baton. Mr. Zhang screamed from the pain. The policewoman laughed and said, "I don't believe that beating cannot change you." Mr. Zhang shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!"

The policewoman was furious. She gagged Mr. Zhang with a towel and beat him without restraint. Although Mr. Zhang was in severe pain, when asked if he would give up Falun Gong, he still shook his head. The policewoman slapped him and shocked him with an electric baton. Mr. Zhang became incontinent from the shock. He shook so badly that the metal lock and ropes on his wrists and heels broke his skin and dug into his muscles, causing severe bleeding. The policewoman pressed the baton against his head and asked if he would give in. Mr. Zhang shook his head, although he almost lost consciousness.

The policewoman again became irate. She removed Mr. Zhang's pants and underwear. She laughed and asked, "Man, would you believe I will burn your scrotum?" Then, she shocked his scrotum with the electric baton. Mr. Zhang convulsed and lost consciousness.

The policewoman poured cold beer on him, and he came to. After a while another policewoman arrived. The two women locked Mr. Zhang onto the metal bed face down. Suddenly, Mr. Zhang felt a sharp burning pain on his anus. His limbs contracted and the handcuffs and ropes went deeper into his wrists and heels. One policewoman said, "Insert the baton into his anus, and shock him," then they did it. Mr. Zhang still refused to give up his belief.

The policewoman did this twice and stopped. Mr. Zhang was immobilized on the bed for two more hours, and then policemen took him home. They said that they tried to be nice to him, so they let him return home to take care of his old grandmother.

Mr. Zhang was sentenced to a labor camp

The police trashed Mr. Zhang's house. The floor was covered with cigarette butts. The policemen even stole all the decorative light bulbs. Mr. Zhang also found that the police were keeping his home under surveillance.

Mr. Zhang's whole body was in pain. He did not tell his grandmother what he had experienced. In the morning, 610 Office agents came again. They ordered Mr. Zhang to accompany them because they needed more information. Mr. Zhang was then jailed in the Jinan City Detention Center.

Two women Falun Gong practitioners from Kuangshan Village - Yang Jingfeng and Gao Junhua -were arrested at the same time. Their homes were also searched. Kuangshan Police Station officers beat them. Their computers were confiscated, and their families paid a huge amount of bribes to try to get them released. Mr. Zhang's uncle paid the police a certain amount of money to keep Mr. Zhang's grandmother out of incarceration. Mr. Zhang and the two women practitioners were locked up in the city's detention center and sent to a labor camp a few weeks later.

While at the detention center, Mr. Zhang's scrotum and anus became inflamed and bled. Criminals in the same cell with Mr. Zhang always cursed and beat him. But Mr. Zhang always smiled at them and clarified the truth of Falun Gong to them, and helped them with their chores. The criminals became friendly and got along very well with him. When Mr. Zhang left the detention center one month later the criminals even cried.

Mr. Zhang was sent to the Second Wangcun Forced Labor Camp in Shandong Province and released nine months later.

The two women Falun Gong practitioners were incarcerated at the Jiangshuiquan Women's Forced Labor Camp. Further information about them is unavailable.