This is my true story.

I am from Changshou Area of Chongqing City. I am in my forties and had been treated for tuberculosis in a local clinic. Onhe evening of August 25, 2007, I suddenly felt sharp pain in my upper chest. The pain persisted during my sleep. Next day I went to the area hospital and had a CT scan, which showed that I had "central lung cancer." I almost fainted on the spot. My family could not believe it. We then went to the Chongqing Oncology Hospital to have a fiberoptic bronchoscopy performed. The result was the same. I was hospitalized on September 3. No matter the outcome, I relied completely on the hospital.

My wife practices Falun Gong. She persuaded me to practice and said that it was my only way to be saved because lung cancer is hard to treat medically. I still could not let go and relied on medical treatment. I took medicine, received injections and infusions every day. Half a month later, my condition did not improve. On September 18, my doctor told me: "You can go home and rest for a week. Then come back for surgery".

After being hospitalized for two weeks, I had accrued 18,000 yuan in medical expenses. Surgery would cost lots of money too. I don't have a stable income and I have two children at home. The expensive cost of the surgery was prohibitive. In addition, I knew that many people have not been cured even after surgery.

Then I started practicing Falun Gong although I did not completely believe in it. I also watched Teacher's Fa lectures. However, because I was not very determined, I went back to Chongqing Geleshan Chest Hospital for medical treatment. I spent 6,000 yuan after three months but my condition still did not improve. Upon returning home, I was very disheartened. My wife calmly persuaded me again: Truly let go of your human notions and try it again. After losing hope in medical treatment, I started whole-heartedly practicing Falun Gong on January 25, 2008.

It is like what Teacher said in book Zhuan Falun,

"If you want to do true cultivation, and you've come here with an ailing body, then you can't cultivate yet. So I have to purify your body. I only purify the body for people who've truly come here to learn the practice, who truly come to learn the Law."

During that time, I truly felt that Teacher was purifying my body. I vomited frequently and had lots of black secretion. I felt more and more energetic and could eat and sleep. Wanting to know the effect of practicing Falun Gong, I went to Chongqing to have a checkup. The result was that all the cancer cells disappeared! It is truly remarkable that practicing Falun Gong had such a miraculous effect in the short period of two months! I used to suffer back pain. Now I no longer have it. My skin became rosy and fair. Everyone said that I have changed. I indeed feel "light without any illnesses". Without spending one penny, my lung cancer was cured. I am thankful for Dafa and Teacher for giving me a second life.

I witnessed the wonder and miracle of Dafa and have come to understand why so many Dafa practitioners uphold their belief despite the brutal persecution by the Chinese Communist Party.

Words cannot describe my gratitude to Teacher and Dafa. Although I am a new practitioner, I will be strict with myself. I will be diligent in studying the Fa and do the three things.

I hope that all those people who have been poisoned by the lies of the CCP will come to learn the truth. Please do not miss this precious opportunity of Dafa's salvation of sentient beings.

May 5, 2008