(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Qiu Xiu'e is a 56-year-old Falun Gong practitioner that used to suffer from many diseases. After she started practicing Falun Gong in 1997, she became healthy. When the persecution started in July 1999, Ms. Qiu was illegally sentenced to three years in jail and her living allowance from the government was suspended.

In January 2000, one of her co-workers from Dongyang County and several other practitioners gathered at her house. As a result, eight of them were arrested by officers from the Xinjian Police Station. Six of them were detained for ten days and the other two were detained for 13 days. After they were released from the police station, four of them--Qiu Xiu'e, Ma Guonu, Li Zhou'e, and Li Huiqing--were held at their workplace for another seven days. They were forced to write guarantee statements announcing that they had given up practicing Falun Gong before they could be dismissed, and Ms. Qiu's family had 5000 yuan extorted from them before they could bring her home. People involved in this persecution included the county's Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secretary Jiang Jianwei the Xinjian Town head Yu Zhonggao and the factory director Sun Yunjin.

In the middle of April 2000, Shi Suzhong, the town Political and Judiciary Committee officer, saw that Ms. Qiu was reading a Dafa book. He reported this incident to her workplace and told them to detain her, but Ms. Qiu managed to escape. Later, she went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing and shouted from the bottom of her heart, "Falun Dafa is good." She was arrested and held at the Tiananmen Police Station, where they had detained many practitioners. Ms. Qiu was soon transferred to the Beijing Liaison Office of the local government, sent back to her hometown, and then detained for a month. For this incident, Ms. Qiu's family had to pay 10,000 yuan for transportation fees and 600 yuan for detention fees for her. A month later, she was detained at her workplace for another 38 days.

Until July 14, 2000, 18 practitioners, who once went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and were arrested at Tiananmen Square, were being detained in the basement of the Dayang Resort in Jinyun County. More than a dozen women practitioners were locked in one room. In the morning when they practiced the Falun Gong exercises, local police showed up and severely beat them. Ms. Qiu went on a hunger strike to protest this brutal treatment. As a result, she was locked up with a personal monitor for nine day and nights. Shi Weidoing, the Xinjian Town deputy head, and policeman Mei Qiang used electric batons to shock her ankles and wrists. Her workplace was forced to pay 2000 yuan for her detention. The county CCP Secretary Jiang Jianwei and the 610 Office official Lu Lianshan were also involved in this miscarriage of justice.

On the evening of November 7, 2000, Ms. Qiu was again arrested by the Xinjian police and detained in the county detention center. Later, they transferred her to Moganshan Women's Forced Labor Camp, where she had to serve one and a half years of forced labor. Around the same time, two other practitioners were also at the camp. At that time, Ms. Qiu was retired from her job, and they suspended the agreed upon payment of 4,000 yuan for her living allowance and 1,000 yuan for medical care.

In 2003, Ms Qiu was arrested and her house was searched. The police confiscated Dafa books and detained her for more than five months. A dozen people were involved in this arrest, including Wu Guisheng, the official of Politics and Judiciary Office, and Zheng Liangkun and Li Duo, officers with the Xinjin Police Station.

On February 3, 2004, Ms. Qiu was sentenced to a three-year jail term. She appealed and went on a hunger strike to protest this illegal sentence. As a result, both her hands and feet were handcuffed, and she was tied on a bed so that she could not move and later lost control of her bladder. On February 24, she was tortured in Zhejiang Women's Prison. She was not allowed to sleep if she did not write the guarantee statement declaring that she gave up Falun Gong. She was personally monitored and forcibly brainwashed.

Ms. Qiu was released and went home on January 2, 2006. She was supposed to receive a pension because she had completed the paperwork in 2003. She relied on her retirement pay from the government to survive. However, Lou Zhongqiang, a Puyun Region 610 office official, incited the officials of the county social security bureau and the social security division to stop Ms. Qiu's payments. Ms. Qiu went to the county Civil Complaints Office twice and asked for her right to receive a pension. She later talked to the chairman of the county committee of the political consultative conference and the chairman promised to unfreeze her payment starting April 2006. However, the payment she received was 100 yuan less than what people in her level received because she missed the inflation adjustments from 2004 to 2005. Until May of 2008, officials withheld part of her pension for the time of her detention and the other payments for the difference, which was about 26,000 yuan.