(Clearwisdom.net) The great earthquake that occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, shook everyone's hearts. Good people were very saddened about the victims who lost their lives in the earthquake, and they cried for the innocent children who died. Those pitiful children were sacrificial victims of the CCP regime's inferior construction projects. However, the CCP media only selectively reported on the earthquake. They avoided the important issues and just focused on the easy ones. The CCP media constantly used lies and deception to further mislead and confuse the public. Any report that did not fit the CCP's tastes was deleted immediately. The public is very angry about this.

Since May 13, the second day after the earthquake, everyone in China has spontaneously organized to donate money for the disaster area. Even though the population in my local area is relatively small, from May 13 to May 22, many people donated money for the disaster victims. Some even made donations without leaving their names. From the bottoms of their hearts, people wanted to help those affected by the disaster. As the donations were being collected, Party officials constantly asked for the total number of Party members that had donated money. However, every time the Party members that donated anything were counted, their numbers were too few to be used to propagandize. What's more, most of the entrepreneurs who donated relatively large sums (from 500 yuan to 10,000 yuan) were not CCP members. The CCP required its officials to donate at least 100 yuan each. Most of the corrupt Party leaders only donated a pitiful 200 yuan though. Even so, they still asked the television station to spread propaganda for them in order to keep their positions and future promotions.

On May 23, all of the Party units received a notice from their higher-level authorities. The notice said that the central organization department of the CCP was requiring all Party members to pay special Party dues of 200 yuan for the earthquake, which had to be paid before 3 p.m. Any Party member who did not pay would be considered disobeying the Party's fundamental rules. The urgent notice angered many people, especially the regular Party members. They were full of resentment. They said, "Isn't this robbery? The Chinese government is so corrupt. How can we be sure that the donated money will get into the hands of the disaster victims? The collection of donations has already lasted for more than ten days. Now the CCP has taken this extreme measure and is forcing Party members to donate. I should have never joined the Party in the first place!" This is how the people view the Party. It is also a sign that the Party will be eliminated soon.

May 26, 2008