(Clearwisdom.net) The First Division of Panjin Prison in Liaoning Province is illegally detaining 13 Falun Dafa practitioners, including Chen Binli, Song Zhendong, Liu Deqing, Zhang Zhenxue, Tian Genghai, Li Litao, Jiang Bo, Zhang Ke, Bai Yongchun, Xu Zhengqiong, Lu Guanglin, Dong Qinyu, and Li Jingfang. The prison guards brutally torture the practitioners, using methods such as shocking them with high-voltage electric batons or stabbing them with needles and then passing a current through the needles.

On April 1 and 3, 2008, Chief Zhang Guolin called the practitioners to the exercise field and searched everyone. Then he called one practitioner at a time to the "Electronic Learning Center," which is actually an interrogation room. In the room are a dozen electric batons. The voltage of those batons ranges from 300,000 to 900,000 volts. Zhang Guolin and four or five leaders of the guard teams forced the practitioners to work, claiming they were being "reformed through labor," and threatened the practitioners. At first, they grilled the practitioners: "Will you do the work or not?" If a practitioner said,"No," several guards handcuffed the practitioner behind his back and pushed him down on the ground. Every guard held two batons and stepped on the victim. The guards shocked the practitioner's body simultaneously with seven or eight electric batons, especially on the head, neck, chest, back, palms, soles, and inner thighs. Some practitioners were shocked five or six times. And some were brutally beaten. The guards stabbed some practitioners with electric needles and passed a current through the needles. These electroshocks over a period of time resulted in the practitioners being covered with wounds.

Practitioner Jiang Bo was shocked on his chest over his heart and on his left foot. The strong current badly damaged the skin on his foot. Several days later, his left foot was badly swollen. The wound ulcerated and created a deep hole. Practitioners Liu Deqing, Chen Binli, and Xu Zhengqiang were covered with wounds as a result of electroshock. Practitioner Zhang Ke was shocked four or five times, leaving many wounds on his body.

Practitioner Zhang Zhenxue was tortured continuously for more than four hours. Zhang Guolin shocked him, punched him in the face, and kicked him. When the electric baton ran out of power, Zhang Guolin recharged the baton and continued torturing Zhang Zhenxue. Guard Liu Qiang jumped up and slapped his face. Guard Zhang Ning grasped Zhang Zhenxue's head with his feet and shocked the practitioner's head. In order to increase the suffering from electroshock, guard Li Feng poured water on Zhang Zhenxue's head and then shocked it. Zhang Zhenxue was tortured from afternoon until nightfall. He was covered with wounds, and his face was swollen and disfigured.

After practitioner Liu Litao was shocked twice, Zhang Guolin saw the effect was not good and called Yu Jingshu, the prison doctor, to use electric needles. Yu Jingshu stabbed Liu Litao's forehead, philtrum, soles, and two toes and then passed a current through the the needles for half an hour, which caused Liu Litao great pain.

Persons conducting the persecution:

Zhang Guolin, Chief of the First Division
Li Feng, Officer of the First Division
Liu Qiang, Team leader of the Fifth Team of the First Division
Zhang Ning, Team leader of the Seventh Team of the First Division
Tang Haiming, Team leader of the First Team of the First Division
Zhang Tianliang, Officer of the First Division
Yu Jingshu, Prison Doctor of the First Division
Zhang Wanfu, Team leader of the Third Team of the First Division
Telephone of Panjin Prison

Prison Administration: 86-427-5637369
Supervision Office: 86-427-5637356
Punish Enforcement Office: 86-427-5639444
The First Division: 86-427-2814022