(Clearwisdom.net) Since February 24-25, 2008, Chaoyang City Public Security Bureau and other city departments have arrested 14 Falun Gong practitioners under orders from Zhang Minghua, the deputy chief of the Public Security Bureau. Mr. Chen Baofeng, a taxi driver, was tortured to death within eight days while in custody. A source exposed that to cover up the murder and find more excuses to persecute practitioners, Zhang Minghua is now colluding with personnel from the Public Security, Procuratorate, and court systems to fabricate allegations and false evidence. The perpetrators are attempting to exaggerate their false evidence all out of proportion in order to aggressively persecute practitioners.

The practitioners from Chaoyang City that were arrested included five practitioners on their way to visit relatives in Shenyang City, one a taxi driver, six private business owners and employees, and one a housewife. Zhang Minghua arrested them simply because they practice Falun Gong. He searched them and confiscated the private business owners' legal property. Also, to cover up his crimes, he has refused to release the practitioners or allow people to visit them.

To bail out practitioner Mr. Chen Baofeng, his family managed to raise 5,000 yuan despite their very poor financial situation. They handed the money to Wang Jinglong, head of the Politic and Protection Team of Chaoyang City, and asked Wang to give the money to Zhang Minghua. Zhang accepted the money. But instead of releasing Chen Baofeng, Zhang ordered that he be tortured, which eventually caused Mr. Chen's death. Chen's family were outraged and reprimanded Zhang Minghua, "You took our money and yet still killed him. How greedy you are!" Chen Baofeng's mother was so angry and sad that she slapped Zhang's face. Zhang had Mr. Chen's body cremated and destroyed all the evidence of his crime, but he refused to release his medical records to his family.

On August 11, 2007, the Domestic Security Division of Lingyuan City Public Security Bureau arrested more than 40 practitioners and tortured practitioner Hu Yanrong to death. The Lingyuan City Public Security Bureau failed to charge any of the arrested practitioners and had to release them. After learning of this, Zhang Minghua quickly went to Lingyuan City and lied to the Provincial Public Security Office, saying that a big case was developing. Zhang then colluded with the Lingyang City Public Security Bureau, Procuratorate, and court systems during the next few months to fabricate evidence. Eventually they had five practitioners sent to forced labor camps and nine sent to prisons. Meanwhile, they extorted over a total of 680,000 yuan from the practitioners' families.