(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Jin Junjie, a practitioner from Jilin Province, was sentenced twice to a forced labor camp, for four years in total. He has been inhumanly tortured both physically and mentally.

After being tortured the first time, he was carried home on his mother's back. Following the second time, he was released while still handcuffed. For a long period of time, he has had to rely on his family's support or work at a labor job to survive. He has no home of his own, and so far, he has not yet recovered from the physical injuries inflicted upon him in the labor camp.

In summer 2007, Mr. Jin had symptoms of chest pain, shortness of breath, weight loss and vomiting blood, etc. and his condition did not improve after a period of time. When the Chinese New Year came in 2008, his face appeared greyish white, and he felt very feeble when walking, and he had become very thin. His weight was only 70-80 pounds. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis. He was told there were widespread tuberculosis holes in his lungs. He is still under treatment.

Mr. Jin Junjie is 35 years old. He graduated from Yanbian University, and he worked at the International Exchange Center of the Jilin Provincial Committee. On July 22, 1999, when the Chinese Communist Party began persecuting Falun Dafa, Mr. Jin Junjie went to the Jilin Provincial Committee to appeal for justice. As a result, officers from the Public Security Bureau detained him at the Changchun City Police School, and he was interrogated at the Erdao Public Security Sub-bureau. Mr. Jin was tortured by various means, including having his hands handcuffed behind his back, with one hand from below and the other pulled over his shoulder. Additionally, his thumbs were tied and pushed together for about twenty to thirty minutes. This was extremely painful.

Since he is steadfast in his belief, Mr. Jin was detained at the Daguang Detention Center for fifteen days. On October 14, 1999, he went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa, but was arrested and returned to Changchun for a one year term at a forced labor camp. At the Fenjin Forced Labor Camp, he was tortured in multiple ways. The prison guards tortured him in attempts to "transform" him. They found a bench that was almost two meters long, less than two inches wide, and one meter high. They had over a dozen people straddle the bench, with their legs hanging above the floor. This is what the cell police called "riding on the wood horse." The pain was beyond description. His buttocks were all bruised. That happened in late July 2000, when it was extremely hot and everyone was out of breath, since they were standing back to back. Also, they extended the time until 3:00 a.m. When the guards saw that they could not achieve the goal of "transforming" him, they closed all the windows. The rooms were very hot, and the police called it "giving warmth."

In October 2000, Mr. Jin Junjie and the other jailed practitioners held a hunger strike to oppose the persecution. Mr. Jin was jailed at the Fenjin Forced Labor Camp for seven months longer than his term.

In March 2001, Mr. Jin Junjie was transferred to the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp. Director Wang Yanwei, and the Team Two leader, Yang Guang, were both very evil. At that time every day, one could hear the practitioners crying bitterly from the vicious beatings. The police tied eight gauge steel wires into a whipping rod (about the width of a baby finger). They forced Mr. Jin Junjie to the floor and used the rod to beat him up from his neck to his feet. Before meals, the prisoners kicked his stomach, and as a result he could not eat and felt like vomiting.

Mr. Jin was tortured until he weighed only 40 kilograms (88 lbs.) On May 18, guards from Team Two instigated criminal prisoner Li Fuchen to persecute him. Ever since then, each day at seven o'clock, Li Fuchen used the bamboo sticks to beat Mr. Jin Junjie. His hands and feet were beaten dozens of times daily with bamboo sticks until they were swollen and bruised. He was not even allowed to vomit during his working shift. The prisoners' leader Sun Jiming also cursed and tortured him. Finally Mr. Jin Junjie was tortured in such a way that he could not even walk to the dining hall, and neither could he get out of bed at night. The guards from Team Two were afraid that he might die, so they took him to the hospital for treatment. The doctor said that his life was in danger, and had people take turns looking after him during the night. They reported this to the police station. Since they were afraid that he might die, they reported it to the higher judicial bureau. When a director saw him, he approved the termination of his forced labor term. When the police said that they were taking Mr. Jin Junjie to the hospital for treatment, Team Two personnel actually ordered his family to take him home. In this way, they pushed him out of the door without caring for him at all.

In June or July 2001, when Mr. Jin Junjie's family came to pick him up, he was not able to walk. His mother carried him home on her back.

In September 2001, the police arrested Mr. Jin at home and took him to the Longjin Detention Center. Fifteen days later, he was again sentenced to two years in a forced labor camp and was transferred to Yanji Forced Labor Camp. Two to three months later, he was transferred to Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp in Jiutai City and has since been jailed there for two years and eight months. During this period of time, he was severely persecuted.

On March 5, 2002, after the TV interception incident in Changchun, all practitioners who were jailed were severely tortured. Mr. Jin Junjie was shocked with four to five electric batons at the same time on his face, chest, and hands and legs. In facing the severe persecution, Mr. Jin Junjue and some other fellow practitioners protested the persecution. In August 2003, since Mr. Jin Junjie stopped the guards from broadcasting the video that defamed Dafa, he was confined to a small cell for a long period of time.

During the extended period of his jail term, the guards attempted to forcibly "transform" him, and forcibly fingerprinted Mr. Jin. He then held a hunger strike to protest, and was put into a small cell to be persecuted by forced-feedings there. The cell doctor with last name of Wang tied Jin Junjie's hands and legs and force-fed him with thickened salt water. As a result, he was so thirsty and hungry that he drank water, which seriously damaged his body.

In order to rescue Mr. Jin Junjie, his family traveled back and forth from the city Public Security Bureau to the city Judicial Department. In May 2004, after he had been on hunger strike for forty-nine days, when his family went to pick him up, his hands were still handcuffed and there were blood stains on his head.

In March 2006, when Mr. Jin went to the Jilin Provincial Education Committee to ask for the resumption of his job, he was refused. After he was detained in 1999, his employer, the Jinlin Provincial Education Committee, dismissed him.

Mr. Jin is only one of the many practitioners who have been persecuted. The Chinese Communist Party has been persecuting Falun Gong for nine years, and the persecution continues to this day.