Falun Dafa practitioner Xie Wutang, nearly 70 years old, is from Changsha City, Hunan Province. He and his wife were arrested on July 14, 2007 by the police from the national security team. Xie Wutang was sent to Wuling Prison near the end of January 2008. Under the CCP's illegal detention and brutal persecution, Xie Wutang's health condition is very bad, and he has many ailments.

On the evening of July 13, 2007 at approximately 11 o'clock, police from the Tianxin District National Security Team surrounded Xie Wutang's home at the 12th Bureau of the Chinese Railway. The police blocked the entrance of his home, and called a locksmith to open the door. A group of police finally broke into Xie's home, searched it, and cuffed Xie Wutang and his wife immediately. Xie Wutang's hands were cuffed very tight. His wrists were bleeding, and blood covered his clothes and pants at the time. After Xie Wutang was arrested, his children called the detention center to inquire about their father's situation. A policeman told them, "This is not the first time (for him to be detained at the detention center)."

After Xie Wutang and his wife were arrested, their children did not see them again for a long time. Xie Wutang's second trial verdict was released on November 31. December 1st and December 2nd were the weekend. On December 3, Xie Wutang's children went to the Tianxin District Court to get the verdict. They were told that the verdict had not arrived yet. On the morning of December 6, his children called again, and were told that the verdict had not reached the judge's hands yet. They pushed again, and finally they got the verdict that day. Then they went to the Changsha City Detention Center to see their father. When they arrived at the detention center, they did not see their father. The receptionist also did not know Xie Wutang's whereabouts. He only knew that two people were sent out at 4 o'clock on the morning of December 6. After Xie's children inquired in many places, they were finally told that their father had been sent to the Hengyang Prison (the police in the detention center said that two people were sent out on the morning of December 6. One was a Falun Gong practitioner who was sent to Hengyang Prison. The other was sick, and was sent to Jin City). Their children looked for all the prisons in Hengyang, but they still did not find Xie Wutang. On December 18, Xie's children visited Fu Shengwen, who is from the Tianxin District National Security Team. They inquired as to Xie Wutang's whereabouts, and they also asked Fu Shengwen to return their computer and other personal belongings that were confiscated. But Fu Shengwen said all the personal belongings already belonged to the state treasury, and that they had already been auctioned. They still did not find any clue about their father's whereabouts. They had to go back to the Changsha City Detention Center. After they asked many people, finally a policeman said that he had sent Xie Wutang out on December 6th to the Second Detention Center of the Jinshi City Prison. Xie Wutang's children immediately found the telephone number of the Second Detention Center of the Jinshi City Prison, and they then called. A woman answered the phone, and she said that there was indeed such a person who now had pulmonary tuberculosis. Xie Wutang's family members were all very shocked since Xie Wutang never had any pulmonary tuberculosis before.

The Changsha City Detention Center were afraid of being held responsible for Xie Wutang's bad health condition. They had sent Xie Wutang to the Second Detention Center of the Jinshi City Prison on the morning of December 6 around 4 o'clock. The Second Detention Center found that Xie Wutang had pulmonary tuberculosis, and they refused to accept him. The two detention centers refused to compromise for a long time. On December 20, Xie Wutang's children saw their father for the first time in a long while. Xie Wutang was sent to Wuling Prison at the end of January 2008. His children saw him for the first time in Wuling Prison on February 25, 2008. Xie Wutang told his children that he had pulmonary tuberculosis, and that he felt extremely painful in his left chest. His blood pressure was high (close to 200), and he became dizzy daily. His eyes and ears also did not function well, and his teeth had all fallen out. On March 21, 2008, his children visited him again. He said that besides the pulmonary tuberculosis and high blood pressure, his feet were also swollen badly, and both of his legs were also very weak. He even fainted in the detention center for more than an hour, and was then resuscitated. Another time the doctor injected some air into his blood vessel while injecting some medicine, which caused his body to shake very badly. Finally he was resuscitated again. His children visited him for the third time on April 11, 2008. He said that sometimes his memory was not good, and that sometimes he was even muddled-headed. He recalled that one time the doctor in the detention center injected some medicine into his body. One doctor said that Xie Wutang was too old to be injected with this kind of medicine. However, another doctor said that there was no problem. He did not know if this was the cause of his current bad health condition.

Xie Wutang is nearly 70 years old, and he currently has many diseases. His family members are extremely worried about his health. We call for help from all just people to rescue senior citizen Xie Wutang.

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April 21, 2008