Adapted from Epoch Times article by Seth Holehouse and Jane Andrews

May 04, 2008

Audience at the Chinese Spectacular in the Playhouse Square Center at the State Theater, Cleveland. (Eric Sun/The Epoch Times)

CLEVELAND, Ohio--The Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular captivated audience members who were touched by its performance at the Playhouse Square Center at the State Theatre on Saturday evening May 3.

Ernest Mays, a retired truck driver and his Vietnamese wife, Dam, from Cleveland found the show wonderful and very educational. "The water dance ["Nymphs of the Sea"] was wonderful," said Mays. "She [referring to his wife] was gasping at every moment, every different set, she was loving it."

"The performance was great, all the way through, from the beginning to the end... very professional. I am flabbergasted, I am surprised it was that good," he added.

"It was spiritual too," said Mr. Mays. He indicated that he was very moved by the dance depicting the suffering and endurance of Falun Gong practitioners under persecution in China ["The Risen Lotus Flower"].

When asked if he would come see the show again, Mays said, "We will be back again next year. Every time they [Divine Performing Arts] come, we'll be here. Next year will be a bigger crowd. You may need a bigger place. You've got a full house; I didn't expect this many."