(Clearwisdom.net) When I heard non-practitioners accusing practitioners of being "involved in politics," I did not look within. I thought that these people were muddleheaded and influenced by the Communist Party culture. As I kept hearing such accusations and continued being exposed to such incidents, however, I realized that it wasn't accidental. I asked myself, "Why do non-practitioners always accuse us of being involved in politics? We agree that they are poisoned by the Communist Party mores, so they make unreasonable accusations, but is this also part of our own reasoning?"

Teacher said:

"Do you know that one of the biggest excuses the old evil forces use at present to persecute Dafa is that your fundamental attachments remain concealed? So in order to identify those people, the tribulations have been made more severe. If you're attached to Dafa's consistency with humans' science, they manipulate wicked human beings to spread lies that Dafa is 'superstitious;' if you're attached to Dafa's power to heal illness, they manipulate wicked human beings to spread lies that Dafa forbids people to take medicine and that this has led to 1,400 deaths; even if you say that Dafa isn't involved in politics, they have wicked human beings spread lies that Dafa and Li Hongzhi have foreign political forces behind them, and so forth; if you say that Dafa collects no fees, they say that Master has sought to accumulate wealth through dishonest means. Whatever you're attached to, they have evil ones concoct lies about that. Even if you're afraid that Dafa is being damaged, they fabricate articles allegedly written by Master." ("Towards Consummation")

We are all quite clear about Teacher's intent when he taught these Fa truths. But how often do we look within and judge ourselves based on the Fa? Teacher has told us with different examples many times that the Fa is not concerned with politics. Yet, we have to ask ourselves, how much can we truly assimilate into the Fa and what can we achieve based on the Fa? When non-practitioners claim that we are involved in politics, we may explain from different angles that we are not involved in politics, however, if we do not truly understand the Fa and meet Dafa's requirements from deep within ourselves, we often unconsciously fall back on the principles that govern non-practitioners when we do things. We even argue when we encounter problems. I believe that this happens because we lack sufficient understanding of the Fa.

One deep-seated problem I see is that non-practitioner types of articles and work, which contain strong political messages and have no direct relationship to the beauty of Falun Dafa and the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners, are mixed into our truth-clarification materials. This causes truth-clarification materials to be impure. So it is no wonder that non-practitioners accuse us of being involved in politics.

There are two issues I wish to point out: 1) Last year, some practitioners printed Wang Zhaojun's letter in large quantities and still think that this is appropriate. Some also attached this letter to truth-clarification materials that were earmarked for some government agencies. They believe that many people can understand the truth after reading this material. 2) Practitioners in China are producing truth-clarification discs that can be played on a VCD or computer. There are many articles written by public figures. There are many that are of interest to non-practitioners and are quite useful when spread by themselves. But practitioners include these with practitioners' articles. They think that these articles have persuasive powers. Let's really analyze the outcome of such actions. These articles may not have a positive effect despite our pure truth-clarification and may even have a negative effect. One of these effects is that some people will be controlled by lives in other dimensions and claim that our practitioners are involved in politics.

Actually, when we believe that non-practitioners' articles have a greater effect than those by practitioners, we are relying on non-practitioners. What I mean is that we consider their arguments to be more powerful concerning some issues affecting Dafa and its practitioners. Inadvertently, this places us on the level of non-practitioners.

"You have qi, and the other person has qi as well. How can you treat him with your qi? Perhaps his qi will overpower yours! There is no constraint between this qi and that qi." (Zhuan Falun)

Evil elements in other dimensions restrain non-practitioners and keep them from understanding the truth. Practitioners clearly rely on the wisdom given by the Fa and our pure minds that contain no other wish than to save sentient beings and being responsible to Dafa, so how can we rely on non-practitioners?

In the "Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners," Teacher explained this issue clearly when he spoke of a law professor. The key is whether we are able to judge and act according to the Fa at all times.

Issues mentioned in articles by non-practitioners are only superficial manifestations in this world. We must cultivate ourselves, look inward, consider issues, validate Dafa, and do things based on the Fa when saving sentient beings at all times. Only then will we produce truth-clarification materials that are most effective in saving sentient beings.

The above is my understanding on the issue. Please kindly point out if my thoughts are not based on the Fa.