(Clearwisdom.Net) Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party reveal the true evil nature of the CCP. Nine specific traits it embodies are evil, deceit, incitement, fighting, robbery, unleashing the scum of society, espionage, elimination and control. With these evil traits, the CCP behaves like a criminal and has brought unprecedented human suffering to the Chinese people. I will give some examples.

The deception by the CCP is mainly reflected in two aspects. First, the evil CCP fabricates slogans and absurd statements to deceive the Chinese public and to cause them support and follow it. Secondly, the evil CCP distorts true history to claim it has achieved "peace and tranquility" and to cover up its evildoings.

Someone noted, "It's nothing to do with me, no matter how evil the CCP acts and how it deceives the Chinese public." Well, actually, more and more Chinese people's lives and properties have been jeopardized by CCP's evil lies and its actions in covering up its crimes to justify its claim of achieving "peace and tranquility." Take a look at the catastrophes that have happened in recent years in mainland China, such as disease epidemics and earthquakes.

In 2003, the CCP covered up the truth about the wide spread SARS. As a result, the continuing and wide spread of SARS caused more than 10 thousand people to be affected. People died in mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and Canada.

In the beginning of 2008, although Chinese officials had been informed about the first cases of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), they failed to announce the location of the epidemic and the ways in which it could spread. They did this with the excuse that "Stability and the Olympic Games take priority over everything else." As a result of its concealment, the epidemic spread widely and quickly all over China. By the beginning of May, there was no way to cover up the truth about the epidemic any longer, so the CCP had to announce news of the epidemic. After May 10, all the news about the epidemic vanished from public view as if there had never be an epidemic. Actually, similar to the spread of SARS in 2003, the epidemic had been spreading widely and quickly all over the country, creating a serious threat to the lives and health of millions of Chinese children.

Evidence shows that the possible death toll of a hundred thousand from a strong earthquake on May 12, 2008 was exacerbated by the CCP government's failure to act on earthquake predictions.

According to reports on the Internet, on May 3 the Earthquake Preparedness and Disaster Reduction Bureau of Aba Prefecture received calls to inquire whether there was going to be a major earthquake. The bureau dismissed the earthquake rumors by denying the possibility of a quake. Mr. Li Shihui a scientist at the Key Laboratory of Geo-mechanical Engineering at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in an article that based on the relationship of drought and earthquake, Chinese seismologist Geng Qingguo predicted in 2006, that a major quake measuring 7 would occur in the Aba area of Sichuan Province. More recently he pointed out that in the Aba area a quake of 7 or higher magnitude would be most likely to occur within 10 days before and after May 8, 2008 according to the "Strong Geomagnetic Storm Combinatorial Theory". After collective discussion, on April 26 and 28 of 2008 the natural disasters forecast committee of the Chinese Geophysical Society forecast that from May 2008 to April 2009 people should prepare for a possible earthquake of magnitude 6-7 south of Lanzhou, near the junction area of Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai provinces. The report was submitted to the Chinese Earthquake Bureau on April 30, 2008. However the authorities of the CCP did not pay attention to these predictions, nor publish them nor take any preparations or precautions. The direct result is painful misery for the people.

Even the few examples above show how the evil CCP always focuses on how to keep political power; power that it seized illegally and violently, and it never cares how many Chinese people lose their lives as a result. In order to achieve its evil goals, the CCP doesn't mind deceiving the Chinese people to prettify itself and its so-called "peace and tranquility." Every day the CCP exists is one more day for the Chinese people to suffer from its lies and abuses. Each day the CCP exists is one more day the Chinese mainland must suffer from violence. Thus, we are looking forward to the new epoch after the end of the CCP.

May, 16, 2008