(Clearwisdom.net) Government officials in Li County, Baoding City, Hebei Province, put practitioners Ms. Cui Xiaoxian, Ms. Cui Shumei, and Ms. Feng Wenzhen on trial on May 9, 2008, using forged evidence in an attempt to convict them. The first trial was held on December 24, 2007, and the court dismissed the case for lack of evidence. The authorities are nonetheless still detaining the practitioners.

On September 19, 2007, the authorities arrested practitioners Cui Xiaoxian, Cui Shumei, and Feng Wenzhen from Nanguan. At 10:00 a.m., Wang Junchang and other officers from the Li County Public Safety Bureau and several officials from the county commission searched the three practitioners' homes without providing a warrant or identification. They broke into the practitioners' houses and confiscated their TVs, DVD players, bicycles, 2000 yuan in cash, and small goods. The officers even sold the practitioners' aluminum containers and cardboard.

On December 24, 2007, the police showed a search warrant issued by Li County. According to criminal law, the police need to have a witness when they search someone's house and need a written report signed by a witness. There was no record or receipt for confiscated items after the police searched Feng and Cui Shumei's homes. When their family went to the police to ask for receipts, Wang beat them. When the police searched Cui Xiaoxian's house, the witness was Guo Hui, a member of Li County's Public Safety Bureau, who also helped perform the search, which was illegal. Cui's husband signed the receipt for confiscated objects, but the police did not leave her family a copy of it. When the receipt appeared in court, many falsified items had been added to the list, including all the truth clarification materials and Dafa books. Wang had fabricated all the so-called "evidence," including materials that practitioners used to spread the truth about Falun Dafa. None of the evidence connected practitioner Cui Xiaoxian to any crime.

The Li County Procuratorate claimed in its indictment that the police found 75 CDs, 45 banners, 51 issues of "Minghui Weekly," 36 copies of posters with Cui Xiaoxian. They also falsely claimed that Cui Shumei carried with her 60 CDs, 80 statements from people who withdrew from the CCP, 77 issues of Minghui Weekly, and 29 banners, and that Feng Wenzhen carried with her 41 CDs, 55 CCP withdrawls, and 41 issues of Minghui Weekly. The temperature at the time when the practitioners were arrested was above 30° C (86° F). It was impossible for the people dressed for the warm weather to carry that many materials with them. Each issue of Minghui Weekly contains 40 pages, so how does one person carry 77 issues with her?

The criminal law states that those who forge, hide, or destroy evidence are legally liable.