(Clearwisdom.net) When the persecution began on July 20,1999, the local coordinators, the assistant in charge of the region assistance center, and the practitioners who distributed the Dafa materials were either arrested or sentenced to prison one after another. The practitioners around me were very upset for not being able to obtain Dafa materials. In order to let fellow practitioners get Teacher's latest articles and Dafa related materials, I managed to contact the practitioners who were able to make Dafa related materials. In this way, I unknowingly took the initiative of distributing Dafa materials. In the process I got in contact with many practitioners and they tended to come to me for help. Some practitioners dared not keep Dafa materials at home, so I took the materials back after they finished reading them. Without intending to, I began the work of a coordinator.

With the advancement of the Fa rectification process, Fa clarification material sites blossomed everywhere. The practitioners were able to get Teacher's articles as well as various truth clarification materials and "Minghui Weekly." The practitioners realized how important it was to distribute the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party after Teacher publicized "Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World." Therefore the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party were always in short supply. Some practitioners proposed the acquisition of another duplicator for massive printing operations. The idea was simply to let more people read the Nine Commentaries as soon as possible and to save more sentient beings.

During a coordination team meeting when I raised this issue, one coordinator did not agree with me. She said that the Minghui/Clearwisdom website requested that truth clarification sites blossom everywhere, so everyone should be allowed to take his own path and do as much as he could - he should take a solid step-by-step process to make more and more truth clarification materials, which was the manifestation of the different levels of practitioners' cultivation. If we purchased another big machine, many practitioners would be involved. It was prone to the mentality of doing more things and the mentality of dependency, which would create security issues. The former major material site in our city was destroyed by the police and caused a huge loss to our entire truth clarification initiatives. In other regions, the large material sites were removed and the machine lay idle. Was it appropriate for us to buy a big machine right now? Was it the righteous path? We were supposed to be responsible to the fellow practitioners and Dafa.

I talked about my ideas that a big machine did not mean a big material site. Wasn't it better to let the big machine be the most beautiful flower among the blossom of material sites everywhere? As to the need of access to large supplies, we could decentralize several processes since there is no need to follow a fixed pattern like in the past. The deployment of good staff was essential in the supplies, printing, binding and packaging departments. What was more important was that all the participants study the Fa well, follow the Fa, and take the cultivation path that Teacher arranged for us. Our intention was to rectify the Fa and save more sentient beings. However, we would fully play to the advantages of the small material sites and offer constant guidance and help practitioners set up numerous small material sites. Based on the small material sites, every practitioner would walk his own path to rectify the Fa. The big machine would be used to supply more materials to make up for the deficiencies of the small material sites. The big machine and small sites complemented each other. And both big and small machines would fully play their respective roles. That did not run counter to the principle that the small material sites blossomed everywhere. Some practitioners thought that we should break the shackles of the concept of "self". Our aim was to save more sentient beings. The most important thing was not the size of the machines but whether or not what we did things in accordance with Teacher's requirements and if our actions saved sentient beings more efficiently.

If they worked in all circumstances at full capacity, all the small material sites could produce more than 8,000 copies of the Nine Commentaries a month. Several millions of people live in our city. By what time could the Nine Commentaries cover every household even if several households shared one copy? But fellow practitioners still did not agree to buy a big machine. At that time, I felt very sad.

I looked inside after I went back home and found that I had a very strong attachment to self. Whenever I thought I was right, I was assured and bold with justice and imposed my ideas on others. I found that I had a mentality of validating myself and a mentality of eagerness and to doing more things.

I went to that coordinator's home again and shared my insights. She said that we must put down the attachment to self and coordinate well. She proposed to take good advantage of the old machine to rectify the Fa. She also suggested that all the practitioners send forth righteous thoughts for the material sites at the fixed times. The practitioners all put down what they were engaged in and gave positive support in the printing of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, from buying supplies, printing, packaging, transporting, to the entire distribution to other areas for the binding of the books and to reaching the hands of other practitioners for distribution. Some non-practitioners who came into contact with practitioners also helped to do some work that the practitioners couldn't cover. In the delivery of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party the practitioners involved sent forth righteous thoughts and continued until the end of the delivery. Once, after delivery of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I went to a practitioner's home and I found that a more than 70-year-old practitioner was still sitting there sending righteous thoughts. It lasted for one and a half hours. She didn't stop until I told her the delivery had been done.

Over the past two years, the big machine played an invaluable role in saving sentient beings and cooperating with the blossoming of small material sites everywhere because all practitioners cooperated well and the participating practitioners conducted in accordance with the Fa and set strict demands on themselves. We printed more than 320,000 copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, of which more than 20,000 were delivered to other areas. In this process there were also a lot of problems and interference. However, whenever we calmed ourselves down and search inward, we were able to put down our attachment to self. And when we could really do it, just like that worn and weary traveler, we would see, "the shade of willows, the blooms of flowers, a place to rest my head"! (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun)

In the limited time remaining to assist Teacher to rectify the Fa, I would like to make more efforts to do well the three things that Teacher requires us. I'll try my best to walk every step well and save more sentient beings so that Teacher will have more peace of mind and less worries for us.