(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Han Fengxia from Tonghua City, Jilin Province, was arrested by police and detained in prison because she insisted on investigating the death of her husband, Mr. Wang Guiming. This incident is another example of the unscrupulous nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

On the afternoon of February 13, 2008, Mr. Wang Guiming was selling baked yams on a street in Tonghua City. A woman named Sun Shuqing approached him. She was an "assistant policewoman," employed by the Xinzhan Police Station. She confirmed that Mr. Wang was a Falun Gong practitioner and reported him to the police. Within minutes, a large contingent of police officers arrived and illegally arrested Mr. Wang and took him to the Xinzhan Police Station.

On February 27, after the police had interrogated and tortured him for seven straight hours, they took him to Chngliu Detention Center and violently force-fed him for more than 10 days. Mr. Wang was very weak, but the police officers from Xinzhan Police Station took him to Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp in Changchun for a two-year term. Within three days, on the night of February 29, Mr. Wang Guiming died. Guards at the forced labor camp claimed that he committed suicide.

At 8 a.m. in the morning of March 3, Mr. Wang' Guiming's wife, Ms. Han Fengxia; their 17-year-old daughter; several family members; and a lawyer, arrived at Chaoyanggou Labor Camp. After five hours, all the while surrounded by several dozen guards, they finally saw the body of the deceased Mr. Wang Guiming. There were very noticeable wounds on his body: 1) Purple bruises on his head, chest, belly, coccyx and anus, which were consistent with wounds caused by electronic shock. 2) Two large, gaping wounds on his head, about 10 cm long. The guards claimed that the wounds were self-inflicted by hitting his head against the heater to commit suicide. However, his skull was not injured at all, not even bleeding or swollen. The victim's family insisted on meeting the guards on duty that night, but the labor camp staff was unable to provide names.

The victim's family and the lawyer were determined to discover the truth. They believed that the person responsible should be punished, but the labor camp guards refused to answer any questions. They behaved like gangsters and wanted to "solve the issue in private." They quickly changed their offer to share the funeral costs and offered the family 50,000 yuan compensation. Once they realized that the family was dead set on an investigation, they upped their offer to 100,000 yuan. As condition, the family had to agree to their "arrangements." Later, they increased the offer to 300,000 yuan. Negotiations continued, with the family demanding justice and the guards trying to hide the truth.

As long as Ms. Han Fengxia refused, her husband's body could not be cremated. Ms. Han had already filed, regarding her husband's death, a lawsuit with the Chengjiao District Procuratorate. Legal proceedings and investigation of the cause of death were already underway and the officials at Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp were worried. Those at the forced labor camp involved in the wrongful death of Mr. Wang--including the director, the heads of the management department and education department, the doctors, the captain and guards monitoring Mr. Wang, and the inmates who monitored Mr. Wang--insisted on getting the body cremated. They wanted to destroy the evidence and hide the truth to escape punishment.

On March 14, police at the Tonghua Police Station held an urgent meeting. They decided to arrest Ms. Han Fengxia, charging her with "causing trouble." As soon as Ms. Han heard about her imminent arrest, she fled to another city with her daughter. On April 15, Ms. Han and her daughter, who had fled to Changchun, were arrested by police from the Quanan Police Station in Changchun. Later, her daughter was taken back to Tonghua and Ms. Han Fengxia disappeared.

What "efficiency!" Only 46 days after the death of Mr. Wang, his wife disappeared, a murder case had been effectively suppressed, and the result was, according to the CCP minions, "harmonizing" a "happy society!" So efficient! These police officers appear to have lots of "experience" with this kind of incident.

Incidents like this are everyday occurrences. Consider the following: Since the CCP began is suppression of Falun Gong, at least 33 practitioners have died as a result of being persecuted in Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp. With the exception of Mr. Wang Guiming, it has been proven that all of them were tortured and abused for a long time before their deaths. Six practitioners died in the forced labor camp, and three, including Wang Guiming, died within three days after they arrived at the camp. Ten practitioners died within two months after they were released from the camp. Three died within two days after their release, and 17 practitioners became disabled or suffered debilitating diseases and died when long-term treatments were unsuccessful. At least six out of the 33 practitioners came down with tuberculosis at the forced labor camp.

Anyone with a conscience would agree that the persecution of Mr. Wang Guiming, Ms. Han Fengxia, and others is criminal! And there are so many similar incidents that have not been discovered or reported yet.

During the first two months of 2008, the year of the CCP Olympics, 13 practitioners have already died from torture, including the famous singer Yu Zhou. His wife has already been secretly sentenced to a prison term, as well as an elderly college professor. Those who have been "illegally arrested," threatened, or forced to become homeless cannot be counted.

Besides practitioners, there are others who are suppressed and maligned by the CCP minions, including lawyers who are defending practitioners and others under the thumb of the CCP, intellectuals trying to help AIDs patients, Christians and Catholics, and anyone who holds independent thoughts. Others suppressed include farmers who have lost their lands, workers who have lost their jobs, farmers who go to cities looking for work, citizens forced to relocate without compensation, retired military officials, and small business owners who are running their business with great difficulties.

Why is this evil behavior so rampant? Because the CCP and its gangsters control the nation and the military. They motivate everyone to do their dirty work. They are able to have anyone who resists disappear. They either threaten them that they will disappear or make them disappear. They also control the media so that there is only one voice that Chinese citizens can hear--the voice of the CCP. People are deceived, fooled, and poisoned and became numb. People do not pay attention to evil anymore. When they see evil they close their eyes. They only want to make a living, regardless of what they have to do, and some are doing evil deeds. People denigrate goodness. In this kind of "harmonious society," justice and conscience are viewed as heresy.