(Clearwisdom.net) At about 9:00 pm, on April 23, 2008, police officers from the Shuangliao City Power Factory Department, Siping Prefecture, Jilin Province, along with agents from the National Security, the Shuangliao City Department, and the Liaoxi Station, arrested Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wang Zengwu. Persons involved in the arrest were Gao Tiejun (male), the director of the power factory department; the deputy director, Li Cheng (male); the director of national security division, Yan (male); the instructor of the police station and a women Du (given name unknown); Wang Hongpeng (male) from the police department; Zhang Dongshuai; and other police officers totaling about 10 .

At about 9:00 p.m., on April 23, 2008, these 10 individuals turned off the power switch located in the hallway outside Mr. Wang's apartment. He opened his door to see if he could fix the problem by turning the power switch on. They took advantage of the open door to enter, ransacked his home, and took his computer. Mr. Wang Zengwu was arrested and detained for 15 days. Now he is detained in the Shuangliao City Detention Center. While he was being arrested, he repeatedly called out, "Falun Dafa is good!"

Mr. Wang was previously an employee of the Shuangliao City Power Factory. In 1999, the Chinese Communist Party began its persecution of Falun Gong, and Mr. Wang has been arrested several times since then. He is steadfast in his faith. He was sentenced to prison in 2002 and was fired from the Shuangliao Power Factory. He was detained in the Jilin Province Prison and Siping City Shilingzi Prison for four years.

Gao Tiejun and Li Cheng from the Shuangliao Power Factory tortured Falun Gong practitioners many times. Among the practitioners they tortured were Chu Guiyan (male) and Wang Haiyan (Mr. Wang Zengwu's wife), who were all brutally mistreated.

Shuangliao City Power Factory Gao Tiejun from the police department: 86-434-7283081(Office), 86-13630963081 (Cell)
Li Cheng, the police department: 86-434-7283082 (Office), 86-13630963082 (Cell)
Wu Jingwen (male), the director of Shuangliao City Power Factory: 86-434-7283001 (Office), 86-434-7282453 (Home), 86-13630963001 (Cell)
Wang Xifeng (male), the deputy director of Shuangliao City Power Factory: 86-434-7283003(Office), 86-434-7282224 (Home), 86-13630963003 (Cell)
Yang Qiumin (male), the secretary of Shuangliao City Power Factory: 86-434-7283002 (Office), 86-1363096300 (Cell)