(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts of New York hosted a VIP reception before its second show on April 18, 2008, at the Aotea Center inside the stunning ASB Theatre in Auckland, New Zealand. About 100 political dignitaries, lawyers, religious leaders, media representatives, and five current and former parliament members mingled to celebrate what was to be an unforgettable evening.

Audience captivated by the Spectacular

Taking it all in

The Spectacular attracted a large audience of diverse ethnic backgrounds, as the artists led them on a voyage to witness the endearing loveliness of ancient China.

Divine Performing Arts received many congratulatory letters prior to the show. A few days ago, ten parliament members congratulated DPA on their visit to New Zealand and wished them the greatest success. Several of them saw the performance last year, and they were now glad to recommend the Spectacular to the public.

Pita Paraone, a member of the First Party, took his grandson to the 2007 show and returned this year. Similarly, Bernie Ogilvy, former MP and currently secretary of the Kiwi Party, was exhilarated by the show last year. He vowed to come back this year, and he did.

Judy Turner, deputy leader of the United Future Party and Member of Parliament, attended the Spectacular with her husband, Graham. Judy said, "This was undoubtedly a wonder, because it is indeed spectacular! I was moved by the culture. Although I've never been to China, the colors and the performers' talent--it was staggering how gifted they were. And the lyrics projected on the backdrop made it easy for people to understand the context. It was bliss two times over."

Judy Turner, deputy leader of the United Future Party, and husband, Graham Turner

Judy went on to praise the "undeniably outstanding dances." "I actually realized by watching this show that there are many similarities between Chinese dance and Western ballet, such as the technical nuances. The stories in the Spectacular were delightfully accessible, the plot was well thought out, and it was enormously ingenuous!"

Besides commenting on the show's artistry, Judy offered a unique perspective, "The Spectacular conveyed an important message that the essence of an individual is deeply rooted in his culture, and people intuitively try their hardest to bring back their culture if it is denied by a political regime. The historic explorations in the Spectacular impressed me tremendously. New Zealand's culture goes back a few centuries, while the Spectacular embarked on a journey that revisited the last several thousand years. It was incredibly exciting to see that someone actually traced the footprint of history and excavated the treasure previously buried underneath a desert."

Graham, on the other hand, said, "The performance was mesmerizing! I loved 'Drummers of the Tang Court,' because it radiated exuberant force. I also enjoyed the dances because they presented men's fortitude and women's grace in the best artistic light. As for the backdrop, what can I say? It turned fairytale into reality. I guess the breathtaking sceneries are based on different parts of China. It's a land that is beyond beautiful, as its fresh charms almost seemed otherworldly."

"What I got from the performance was that, when people are suppressed, it becomes very important for them to seek the truth and live by the truth that they have discovered. There are answers in this world, and there is hope. Victory lies ahead and gods will come and rescue us."

Former MP Bernie Ogilivy used to lecture at Auckland's Masters Institute and is now a businessman. He expressed admiration for the Spectacular, saying, "I loved the music, I loved the dancers' faces beaming with a joy that was obviously heartfelt, and I loved their inner strength. What touched me the most was the underlying layer of profound meaning that showed life does not only reveal itself on the surface, but also in the depths of one's heart, and this spiritual experience makes up one's entire being."

Former MP Bernie Ogilivy said the Spectacular had an underlying layer of profound meaning

"This performance was sated with rich meaning. They were not merely performing but instead they completely embodied the roles and interpreted them for the audience. The dancers were an integral part of the performance, and the Spectacular spoke through them, much like a spring gushing forth from the ground with a great reservoir lying underneath. Amazingly, they were able to manifest the true nature of man. Usually, performing arts flaunt physical abilities, but this show was resplendent with spirituality, which is the other side of mankind, and that is one reason why I appreciate it so much."

Ogilivy also said the Spectacular would help reduce conflicts among people, "The lyrics, 'seeking the truth,' well, when we look for the truth, we will eventually find what we were looking for. This kind of story holds extraordinary significance for New Zealanders. I will tell all of my friends about this show, because everyone needs to see it and experience it for themselves."