(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of May 5, 2008, Divine Performing Arts of New York (DPA) arrived in Edmonton, Canada for the last stop of its global tour, to present the Chinese Spectacular at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. The compassion and beauty displayed throughout the show won high praise from an audience of both Chinese and Western people, including local government officials, business people, and artists.

President of Asia Pacific Accord of Canada: Bringing back the essence of Chinese culture and memory of history.

Bob Whyte, President of Asia Pacific Accord of Canada, commented after watching the show, "Very beautiful, full of artistic information. It means a lot to me." He said, "China has experienced a 'cultural revolution' which I usually call the 'Anti-culture revolution' because many valuable things were destroyed during that period of time. Today's show brings back the essence of Chinese culture over the past thousands of years and brings back the memory of [China's] history."


Bob Whyte, President of Asia Pacific Accord of Canada

Mr. Whyte continued, "This show is very special, has a lot of spirit and feelings about China. I have listened to music from the Guangdong area, but its melody has many ups and downs that may sound harsh to westerners. Divine Performing Arts' music is more suitable to western society, including the live orchestra. The music is very good, very attractive. The Mongolian dances displayed the culture of the Mongolians and Manchurians vividly. Besides the music, the backdrop design is a very impressive visual experience."

"Chinese Spectacular is a historical contribution to World Culture"

Mr. Whyte said the stories about Falun Gong let westerners know better about the current situation in China. In China today, Falun Gong is being persecuted. "We are all brothers and sisters, we are sympathetic to their suffering." He said, "The Chinese Communist Party destroyed the traditional Chinese culture. If we can preserve the best of Chinese culture through Divine Performing Arts' shows, it will be great."

In reference to the Chinese Consulate's attempted to interfere with DPA's performances in Calgary and to discourage local Chinese people from watching the show, Mr. Whyte said that Canada was a free country and the Communist Party's attempt to destroy and interfere with the DPA Chinese Spectacular would fail. "Everyone should be able to obtain information and make decisions on one's own. Falun Gong is very peaceful, against violence and any wrongdoing. There are a lot of wrongdoings in China today. I am glad they can express their ideas to us here. We are fortunate to see the essence of traditional Chinese culture. Divine Performing Arts' performances are a historical contribution to the culture of the world."

CEO: A splendid presentation of legends and essences of culture

CEO of Malcolm W. Fast Professional Corporation, Chartered Accountants, Mr. Malcolm Fast and forty friends and associates watched the May 5 show. Mr. Fast is a chartered accountant (CA), CFP and TEP. Last year, Mr. Fast bought 25 tickets and gave them to his friends. This year, he bought 40 tickets for his friends and business partners.


CEO of Malcolm W. Fast Professional Corporation, Mr. Malcolm Fast

Malcolm Fast said, "It [the show] has a great visual effect. It widens my field of view. I liked the 'Mongolian Bowl Dance,' and 'Nymphs of the Sea.' Especially 'Nymphs of the Sea;' it feels like the air was flowing around them. The show is a splendid presentation of legends and the essence of traditional culture. In two years, the show has reached a very high professional level."

"Tickets to Chinese Spectacular are the best gifts to friends"

Malcolm Fast came to the show in a red silk traditional Chinese long coat. Mr. Fast has visited China ten times. "I have seen shows in China, but they were not of this genre. The Chinese Spectacular has the most cultural content and is the most traditional show. The shows in Mainland China are not comparable to this one," Mr. Fast said.

Fast believes that tickets to the Chinese Spectacular are the best gifts to his friends. "I think this is a very good gift for my clients and partners in the Edmonton community. This gift will give them a refreshing feeling. My partners are very happy [to receive them] too."

Divine Performing Arts of New York staged three shows in Edmonton to wrap up its global tour. From December 18, 2007 to May 7, 2008, DPA of New York presented 131, shows including 62 shows in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and 69 shows in the United States and Canada.