(Clearwisdom.net) A local experience sharing conference was held at the University of Ottawa on April 27, 2008. Nine Falun Dafa practitioners shared their cultivation experiences and insights in the past year from different viewpoints.

Ms. Zhang shared her experience and understanding in clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa at the Parliament Hill. With her belief in Master and the Fa, Ms. Zhang overcame numerous unimaginable difficulties, such as being unable to ride buses due to language barrier, test of sickness karma, cold weather and so on, and persistently went to bus stations, the Parliament Hill and other places to clarify the truth and advice Chinese people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations in the past years. With Ms. Zhang and other practitioners' efforts, more than 900 Chinese people from mainland China and overseas quit the CCP organizations.

A practitioner who had participated in contacting sponsors for the Chinese New Year Spectacular performances, as well as marketing work for the Epoch Times, also spoke. She shared her thoughts on saving sentient beings with higher efficiency. She also talked about how to overcome difficulties to get sponsors, and break the blockade of funds and access the media market, as well as how to cultivate well herself in the tribulations.

A western practitioner talked about how she learned to look within in the process of cultivation. On one occasion when she painstakingly overcame a tribulation, she learned to look within, and afterwards, she realized that she had let go of many human attachments and sentiments. Working for the Epoch Times, she was strongly attached to another practitioner's problem, but through constant Fa study and looking within, she found her capacity of heart expanded, and she had a different opinion when looking at that practitioner again.

A practitioner who coordinated reporting the Chinese Spectacular shows realized that a coordinator should be responsible to the Fa, but not be a "good person" in the sense of everyday people. He also understood how to let go of his human attachments and harmonize the whole.

A practitioner shared her cultivation experience of being a drummer in the Divine Land Marching Band. In the process, she got rid of her attachment of showing off, attachment to fear and being nervous and so on. Through participating in the Divine Land Marching Band, she cultivated herself and also harmonized her family.

Another practitioner talked about her righteous belief in Master and the Fa enabled her to overcome a huge sickness karma, and continue walking on the path of Fa-rectification cultivation.

Young disciples recited Master's poems in Hong Yin.

As a result of sharing experiences at the conference, attendees found that they had benefited both in their individual cultivation and improvement as one body.