(Clearwisdom.net) On April 25, 2008, Falun Gong practitioners from South Australia gathered in Elder Park to commemorate the April 25th Appeal.

Practitioners demonstrating the exercises

Practitioners demonstrated the exercises and displayed photos which portrayed the spread of Falun Gong throughout the world. Practitioners also exposed the brutal persecution and displayed the evidence of organ harvesting by the Chinese Communist Party.

Daphne and Renae, two practitioners from South Australia, shared their personal experiences with the healing power of Falun Gong. Daphne and her son both had serious respiratory system diseases in the past; Renae was disabled when he was born; but all of their diseases were healed after practicing Falun Gong for a few months.

In the last nine years, more and more people learned about Falun Gong and showed their support. Practitioners and people of conscience continue to call for the end of the persecution.