(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, Clearwisdom.net has published an article titled "As the Olympics Approach, CCP Issues Secret Order to Intensify the Persecution of Falun Gong" (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2008/3/19/95494.html). The article exposes the following:

The CCP Political and Judiciary Committee issued secret orders in the document "Suggestion to maintain social stability and ensure the safety of the Olympics." The document was sent to 40 provincial-level CCP administrative offices and "Offices that deal with Falun Gong."

The document essentially orders Party authorities around the country to "intensively deal with problems," "to enhance 'management' of the activities of foreign reporters coming for the Olympics," "to enhance the 'management' of the Internet and cell phone text messaging," and to "severely crack down on Falun Gong."

After investigation, it was discovered that the Ministry of State Security of Changchun City led the arrests of many practitioners in Dehui City, Jilin Province. The Changchun Ministry of State Security secretly planned and directed this operation, and the Dehui City 610 Office, the City Police Department, its subordinate branches, and the vice squad carried it out. The code name of this operation was "Hurricane #3" (Ju Feng #3). It was done to cooperate with the CCP's secret order to "completely eliminate Falun Gong before the Beijing Olympics" and to achieve so-called "stability" before the two major national conferences.

According to an insider, Changchun Ministry of State Security planned and directed the operation, which included following and monitoring practitioners. They ordered regional police and community organizations to arrest people that had been placed on a blacklist. According to sources, Changchun Ministry of State Security sent out 12 secret agents, who have been working at the Dehui City Hotel and have not left yet. It is being said that they will not leave until September.

Also, Deshui City Police Department officials have arranged for the entire Dehui City vice squad to patrol 24-7 to look for opportunities to arrest practitioners doing truth-clarification related activities.