(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of March 30, 2008, the final performance of the Divine Performing Arts Company on Tour was presented at the Victorian Arts Center in Melbourne Australia.

All the Stories Told People to Be Kind to Others

Mr. Huang immigrated to Australia from China four years ago. He was happy he could attend the show after learning that the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) would come to perform again this year. Last year he also enjoyed their performance. Mr. Huang said, "I attended the show last year and it impressed me deeply. So this year I came again. The history and culture reflected in the programs are very good in my opinion."

He said that he was truly happy as an overseas Chinese because he could attend such a wonderful Chinese show outside of China. He was also deeply impressed. He said, "The whole performance is brilliant. It has a special charm for the traditional Chinese." He said it was especially good to portray the stories of traditional Chinese history through dance and music.

He cited, "For example, 'The Loyalty of Yue Fei' not only embodied the loyalty and filial piety of Yue Fei, but also reflected his mother's righteousness. And for the 'Lady of the Moon,' although it is a love story, it also fully expressed Houyi's love for the people. All of the stories told people to be kind to others. This made them especially beautiful."

Mr. Huang said with deep feeling, "I think everyone will love the performance as long as he recognizes traditional Chinese culture. The dances 'Chopstick Zest' and 'Drummers of the Tang Court' are full of masculine intensity, while the girls are very gentle and beautiful. In this show there is something very traditional, which inspires people and invigorates them. The performance is a very beautiful art feast."

Chinese or non-Chinese, Everyone Loves the Performance

About the pieces that not only interpret history and legends but also show the contemporary real world, he said, "Works of beauty that embody the force of justice are always stirring. Real beauty will be acceptable to more and more people, and the forces of justice will unite. I'm pretty confident that a performance like this will be welcomed by more and more people. Not only Chinese, overseas Chinese, but also foreigners will love it."

Westerners Were Moved to Tears

Mr. Huang cited as an example that a Western friend and his mother were both moved to tears after the performance. On the evening of March 29, the friend called him to tell him about the show. Mr. Huang described, "He said, "Please give me a few minutes. I had to call you because I am really moved. We were both moved to tears.' The performance was extremely successful! I think it is because what the performance conveys are universal human values. It shows that Westerners also love Chinese culture. I feel this kind of promotion is very effective. No matter where it goes, people should love it!"

The Divine Performing Arts Is the Pride of the Chinese People

Mr. Huang said, "Of course, for a Chinese person, the DPA performance will be especially touching and moving. The more that people understand the traditional culture, the more deeply people will be moved. Even for those who don't understand the traditional culture, at least they will think that it is a very beautiful performance."

"We have such a wonderful performance to help Westerners understand Oriental culture better. I think this is the pride of the Chinese people! All overseas Chinese should give their full support to this performance."