(Clearwisdom.net) A gang of people in Dabei Prison (previously known as the Shenyang Women's Prison) violently assaulted Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Sun Jingmei between July and August 2006. Prison Ward No. 7 Chief Zhang Xiuli from the 7th Team led criminal inmates Cha Huadan and Da Pai (nickname) to brutally persecute Ms. Sun. They and others in a gang physically assaulted Ms. Sun Jingmei. In the communal washroom, five people used a wooden stool to hit Sun Jingmei from behind. Ms. Sun lost consciousness from the blows and lay motionless on the ground for many hours. While unconscious, the criminals accused her of pretending. They violently kicked and beat her nonetheless. As a result, Ms. Sun sustained serious injuries to her back and leg.

While imprisoned, Sun Jingmei was held in isolation. She was made to stand for long periods and forbidden to sleep. This lasted more than one month. She was also hung up, and beaten up for a period of more than forty days. They taped her mouth shut, thus preventing her from making a sound. The captors also withheld food from Ms. Sun, giving her only a watery porridge every day. Though she was seriously injured, the guards still made Ms. Sun perform heavy labor on the production line.

We hope that all kind-hearted people will take action and offer a helping hand to rescue the persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Prison Ward No. 7: 86-24-89296886, 89296887, 89296889

March 9, 2008