(Clearwisdom.net) After performing in Seattle, Divine Performing Arts (DPA) arrived in Vancouver on April 25 for five performances of the Chinese Spectacular at the Bell Performing Arts Centre. Frequent applause was heard throughout the theater during the Vancouver premiere.

Vancouver audience takes in Chinese Spectacular

Congratulations from Political Leaders in British Columbia

Divine Performing Arts has been presenting the essence of traditional Chinese culture to a world-wide audience in its tour of North America, Europe, and Asia. It garnered welcome and support from political leaders in the greater Vancouver area. Even though the Chinese consulate attempted to stop the performance through intimidation, Mayor of the City of Surrey Diane Watts, Mayor of the City of White Rock Judy Forster, Mayor of the City of Coquitlam Maxine Wilson, and Mayor of the City of New Westminster Wayne Wright sent congratulatory letters to the show's host on the occasion of the performance.

Members of Parliament Hedy Fry, John Cummins, Sukh Dhaliwal, Ed Fast, Russ Hiebert, Peter Julian, and Bill Siksay, and member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia Raj Chouhan sent congratulatory letters to the host and commended the role and influence of traditional Chinese culture in the rich tapestry of Canadian culture and harmony.

The Mayor of Surrey, where the performance was held, stated in her letter that the Chinese Spectacular is welcomed in Surrey and the contributions of the Chinese community to this performance were appreciated.

The Mayor of the City of White Rock stated that cultural traditions are most precious and should be treasured and passed on.

During the show, from the first to the last number on the program, the audience gave warm applause. At the end of the performance, the performers answered two curtain calls amid enthusiastic applause.

After the show, many audience members talked excitedly about the performance. Families and groups of friends took group photos in front of the DPA advertisement poster.

Mr. Bill Siksay, Member of Parliament for Burnaby-Douglas

Mr. Bill Siksay, Member of Parliament for Burnaby-Douglas, said after watching the show that the performance was very good. He said the essence of the songs transcend any language barrier and western audiences can also understand them. He appreciated having the Chinese lyrics and their English translation on the backdrop behind the performers..

MP Siksay said that he was excited by the drum dancing, and overall was very pleased to watch the performance. He also said that he appreciated the performances about Falun Gong and said that the Canadian government should stand up to stop the persecution, because the persecution of Falun Gong is trampling basic human rights.

Miss Shi and her boyfriend Mr. Chen

Miss Shi and her boyfriend Mr. Chen immigrated to Canada from China and saw the premiere of the Chinese Spectacular in Vancouver. During intermission, Miss Shi said, "The performance was very good. I wish each piece was a little longer. The costume are very beautiful." She said that her friend told her that the performance was very good, so she decided to come.

Her boyfriend Mr. Chen also commended the performance and said he had never seen such a nice performance. He said he especially liked the drum dancing.

Mr. Song, who works in financial investment, indicated that he liked the two drum dances the most, but he commended all the performances. He said his grandson watched the performance attentively, and his whole family enjoyed the performance.

Mr. Lu and his wife

Mr. Lu, retired from commerce and trade, had nothing but praise for the Spectacular: "The dancing was good, the singing was good, the music was good, and the atmosphere was good, too. It is nice to see such a performance outside of China. I'll come to see it next year."