(Clearwisdom.net) The second and final Munich performance of the Chinese Spectacular was brought to the public on April 18, 2008 at the Prince Regent Theatre (Prinzregententheater). Divine Performing Arts was completing its tour through Europe and had performed in London, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, Den Haag and many other cities. The arts troupe even stopped a second time in Stockholm for additional performance, in answer to requests by Stockholm's audience. Munich was the last stop in Europe, ending the European tour of the Chinese Spectacular show in Germany, the country where the troupe began its European tour on February 13, 2008.

The Munich audience welcomed the Chinese Spectacular with heartfelt applause. Even during the last performance on Saturday afternoon in the Great Hall of the Prince Regent Theatre, the audience thanked the artists with spontaneous applause throughout the show and with a lengthy standing ovation after the last curtain call.

Christiane Peyrofi, a translator in Munich, was impressed by the harmony, the colors and the elegant production. She shared that the music made her daydream.

"I truly felt relaxed during the entire show. Besides that, the drum roll awakened me from my daydreams occasionally. I found this very impressive. Also the male dancers, who despite the bold movements appeared very elegant and appeared to float over the stage, were impressive," said Peyrofi.

Peyrofi continue to share her impressions of the show, "My favorite was the artist with the erhu. I did not have the privilege of hearing or seeing this instrument with just two strings in the past. This performance gave me more than any other orchestral soloist in the past. I must say again it was truly very, very beautiful and very impressive."

"What I also liked were the hosts. It was interesting to hear the differences between the German and the Chinese languages, which sound so different. The Chinese language is very melodic. And the children in the audience loved when the hosts made a joke. They had a lot of fun with this. I also liked this very much. I'm still quite taken by all of it."

"It was a great production. I found the Chinese characters and the associated translation [on the backdrop] very good. It helped me understand the songs. It was very important that one understood what the soprano and the tenor were singing. I found this quite pleasant, especially since it was about China's history. It helped one gain a better understanding about the Chinese. I also was quite impressed with this," she said.

Dancer and Singer, "I Had Tears in my Eyes"

Frainziska, a young dancer and singer, told us after the show, "I loved everything about the first singer. She sang something critical of the [Chinese] state. Since I had spent a week in Beijing, I was quite affected by it. I was totally taken in by it. I cried after seeing this and then having to hear it."

Her mother Bärbel chimed into the conversation, "It is important that there is something critical. We visited Beijing for a week and we saw what is going on there. I think it is important that one is made aware of this. I really liked that the show touched on this [the persecution of Falun Gong]."

Mr. Morgati and Ms. Färber study Sinology (the study of China and things related to China). They came to the show to gain further motivation for their studies. Ms. Färber was given a newspaper with an advertisement for the show. This gave her the impetus to buy a ticket for Mr. Morgati and herself.

Mr. Morgati favored the program, "Drummers of the Tang Court" and the program, "The Power of Awareness," with the little girl that carried the banner depicting the principles of Falun Gong, the Chinese characters for "Truthfulness - Compassion - Forbearance." This was the reason why the Chinese policemen beat the little girl and her mother in a park.

"I had tears in my eyes when all the people supported the two. In my mind that was exceptionally beautiful," said Mr. Mogati. This scene was also Ms. Färber's favorite.

Hermann Seitz, conductor of the East Bavaria Youth Orchestra, shared that the collective energy of the artists impressed him deeply.

"I found everything exceptionally beautiful, especially the dances. It appears that the performers truly have inner beauty. The beauty comes out because of their inner serenity. Therefore, they are able to move completely in harmony," said Mr. Seitz.

He was amazed and said, "Yes, this absolute great homogeneity among thirty people is very impressive."

Source: http://minghui.de/data/article/461/a46178.html