(Clearwisdom.net) Not long ago, I was constantly troubled by conflicts with my husband. One night, while studying the Fa, I suddenly realized that I probably had been too dominating. Practitioners experience different states, but why was I troubled? Isn't Teacher taking care of all of us? I might have been too concerned about things, since I had always wanted the others to follow my ideas. I realized that I was trying to validate myself, and I also had a strong attachment to doing things.

No long ago, I had always felt troubled when he did not do anything. Although I was worried, I dared not point it out to him. Since I could not calm down, I was unable to study the Fa well myself, and I would speak with an abrasive tone. At the same time, he was unhappy with me because I bothered him too much. If I asked him something, he would become impatient with me. I even thought of going to some other place away from him to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. Did I really have to cooperate with him? Angry with him as I was, I would not listen to him. I was not behaving like a cultivator at all.

A few days later, I started to look inward and decided that I would change and I should cultivate myself. I should make sure that I was doing things from the standpoint of the Fa. I would stop paying attention to the superficial appearance of others' cultivation. He was probably cultivating better than I was. Realizing this, I suddenly relaxed, and I could study the Fa well again. My compassion emerged, and I did not feel irritated by his presence any longer.

After that, things started to change. He began to do things, and his temperament seemed to improve. The situation was not at all what it had appeared to be, after all. Afterwards, he shared with me that when our mindset is not righteous, the things we did would not be sacred, hence we can't reluctantly do something.

I learned that if we search inside ourselves, problems will be solved. This is so true. Master only looks at our hearts. Master helps us do everything.

I hope that practitioners will all stop being attached to examining other practitioners' faults, but instead start searching inside ourselves and cultivating ourselves. In the limited time left, let's all do the three things even better.