Scientist Dr. Zhou Shanyi: Seeing the Hope of Eternity (Photo)

( Dr. Zhou Shanyi, who has devoted his life to scientific research, was the teacher of Jiang Bensheng, author of the bestseller, "Water Knows the Answer." Dr. Zhou recently took in the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular in Taizhong, Taiwan. Afterwards, he shared his impressions with a reporter.

Famous Swedish Music Producer: One Dance Is Worth 10,000 Words (Photo)

( The Divine Performing Arts opened its third show at the Circus Theatre in Stockholm, Sweden on March 25, 2008.

During the show, the host mentioned the term, "predestined relationship", something Anders Wihk had experienced in an inexplicable and wondrous way. In fact, the Divine Performing Arts was having a hard time finding a piano that would fit the high standards of the Spectacular, and they eventually found the right one at Mr. Wihk's studio.

Germany: Audience Enjoys the Chinese Spectacular in Berlin


Siegfried Huhn saw the Chinese Spectacular performed by the Divine Performing Arts Company on March 16th at Berlin's International Congress Centre (ICC).

"Friends told me that it was my turn to see the show"

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