(Clearwisdom.net) The final show of the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular at the Cirkus Theater in the Swedish capital of Stockholm ended at 10:30 p.m. on April 3, 2008. The usually reserved Swedes gave the performers a standing ovation and waved to those on stage. The performers bowed in reply nine times as the curtain opened and closed three times. The audience was simply reluctant to leave until the house lights came on. This exchange of wonderful feelings lasted for more than 10 minutes.

Since the global tour began, the Divine Performing Arts company has displayed the deep inner meaning of Chinese divine culture through its pure beauty and pure compassion. They have been highly praised by audiences the world over. Nevertheless, they have had to cope with constant harassment by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which boasts of its "patriotism" and "nationalism." Audiences in Northern Europe expressed their love for Divine Performing Arts with their applause. They also expressed their indignation at the CCP's harassment. Facts proved once again that the harassment not only failed to cast any shadow over the Chinese Spectacular, but instead created an opportunity for more people to learn about the beauty of Divine Performing Arts and see through the evil nature of the CCP, which opposes traditional culture and morality.




Cirkus Theater in Stockholm: Performers responded to curtain calls several times to an enthusiastic audience




The Spectacular by the Divine Performing Arts at the Cirkus Theater was a grand occasion




The Spectacular at the Cirkus Theater




People in the audience have been deeply moved by the show




Ms. Lillmor in Gothenburg




Actor and filmmaker Mr. P. Y. Karchner (right): "An unforgettable evening, a masterpiece."

CCP Attempt to Prevent Divine Performing Arts from Staging the Show: "A Tossed Stone Causes a Thousand Ripples"

The Divine Performing Arts show scheduled for March 2008 at the Royal Danish Theater was canceled due to pressure from the CCP. Danish National Television, DR, which is the largest station, with the highest ratings, in Denmark, broadcast an in-depth report during prime time - 9:00 p.m. - on March 18. The report, entitled "The Theater Meets with CCP Pressure," exposed the CCP's nefarious activities in undermining the Chinese Spectacular and provided an opportunity for more people learn the truth. It took the television station one month to produce the report in which more than 80 people were interviewed.

When the news that the Chinese Spectacular would be shown in Stockholm and Linköping was made public, the Chinese Embassy in Sweden harassed the Swedish departments concerned in an attempt to keep the Spectacular from being staged. Dnr, SVT, SR, Expressen, Corren and several other mainstream media publicized and denounced the CCP actions in their reports.

In a show of solidarity, twenty-five Members of Parliament co-signed a letter of congratulations to Divine Performing Arts: "We warmly welcome the Divine Performing Arts to perform in Sweden! The Divine Performing Arts is a very important part of Chinese cultural heritage and Chinese traditional values. We live in a country in which people enjoy freedom of speech and respect human rights, therefore we hope we can maintain human values. The MPs of all political parties in the Swedish Parliament denounce the CCP embassy for trampling our freedom of speech."

Seven MPs of the coalition government issued a joint statement saying that they would go see the Chinese Spectacular. Member of Parliament and doctor of law Mr. Andreas Norlen said, "When the Swedes were still wearing animal skins and hunting with axes, China had already developed a splendid civilization, wonderful inventions, and a high level of spiritual pursuit. However, the CCP, which was foreign to China and was totally incompatible with the 5,000-year Chinese civilization, attempted to conquer the Chinese nation with something worse than weapons and to ruin traditional Chinese culture. I hope the Chinese people can stand up to the persecution with pride again among the nations around the world!"




The seven MPs who signed the statement were present at the Spectacular: "We must clearly state our viewpoint here."

Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and Rapporteur of the Political Affairs Committee and Member of the Swedish Parliament Mr. Goran Lindblad said in his letter of congratulations to Divine Performing Arts, "I am delighted to welcome the Divine Performing Arts to Sweden! The Chinese Communist regime ordered its embassy in Sweden to prevent the Divine Performing Arts from performing here. The acts of these communists aroused public indignation, however; people were not surprised."




Mr. Lindblad who went to see the Spectacular said, "It's wonderful. I have never enjoyed such pure compassion and pure beauty."

Noted Swedish politician and former Member of Parliament Harald Nordlund pointed out that the best weapon to eliminate darkness is light. He hoped that the Chinese people can use light and justice to usher in freedom and human rights.

Divine Performing Arts Mesmerized Their Northern European Audiences

Because the CCP harassment generated news that spread by word of mouth, the Chinese Spectacular attracted a great deal of attention in Northern Europe. Many people booked their tickets one month ahead. In Linköping the tickets were sold out two weeks before the show. Divine Performing Arts toured 12 cities in western and central Europe and gave 29 shows before its Northern European tour, which took it to Stockholm and Linköping in Sweden and Tampere in Finland. The run, which began on March 20, provided the audience with an outstanding artistic presentation. It also touched their hearts and stirred their souls.

Kathleen Quinlan Zetterberg has 30 years of experience in Western classical dance and choreography. She is now the principal of the Stockholm School of Dance. She is from a noted dancing family--there are dance schools named after her mother Isadora Duncan all over the world. She was impressed with the show: "From the entire show I felt the 'truthfulness.' It was very pure and beautiful." Ms. Zetterberg, who has been involved in many shows, noticed the wonder of Divine Performing Arts: "The Spectacular made the audience feel very special. They all loved the show and were very enthusiastic. They seemed to have really gotten into the show. It also seemed that they had anticipated the show for a long time and finally had the opportunity to see it. They treasured their time there, and that moved me very much."




Kathleen Zetterberg (right); her daughter, Lilly (center), who studies at the Royal Swedish Ballet School; and her schoolmates

Taiwan representative to Sweden Dr. Jong-jen Chiu said after the show, "I haven't had such feelings for a long time. My deepest impression is that the show used a gentle and soft way to express the love among the people. At all times and in all lands, only love can reach the bottom of people's hearts and only love can dissolve the conflicts and the wars of mankind."




Dr. Jong-jen Chiu and his wife

Swedish Environment Minister Mr. Andreas Carlgren commented that the theme of the Divine Performing Arts displayed a kind of beauty that can remains deep in our hearts. "I will tell my relatives and friends that the entire show was exquisite beyond compare."

President of the Kurds Organization of Sweden Nalin Surek saw the show with his family. He said, "It's not only colorful but the dancing was graceful and the music was beautiful. The harmony and the spirituality from the origin of life that the Divine Performing Arts displayed can be felt by everyone on Earth and can link us together. The show brought us to a very comfortable and joyful place and helped us to find the meaning of life.

"It was so wonderful that I cannot find any words to describe it. I cannot remember how many of the numbers brought me to tears. I really did not want it to ever end! If the Spectacular continues its performance here, I would come five times or ten times!" Guitarist in a Finland heavy metal band Mr. Aleksej Pakkanen said after he saw the show twice, "The Divine Performing Arts depicts the beauty of compassion. The three Chinese characters--"Zhen, Shan, Ren" (Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance)--touched the very depths of my life and unfolded the truth for me. The Chinese Spectacular is like good medicine for the soul and made it possible for me to find the real me. I found the blessings of Heaven, and my soul became ever so peaceful! I want to thank Divine Performing Arts from the bottom of my heart!"




Mr. Aleksej: "The music is extremely good. When I saw the dance, 'Forsythia in Spring,' my exhausted soul felt as if it had been released."

Deputy President of a Swedish non-governmental organization "Support Human Rights in China," Ms. Petre Lindberg said that at the end of the show the audience applauded for a long time to express their appreciation and were unwilling to leave. She also felt the Chinese Spectacular had awakened the spirit and soul of forgotten Swedish history.




Ms. Petre Lindberg and her husband: The Spectacular awakened the spirit of Sweden.

Finnish Member of Parliament Mr. Pertti Virtanen is a composer, poet, and psychologist. He was a rock star and an artist when he was young. He said, "The Chinese Spectacular is a living thing. It's living today, waking up, and yet it's very old. That's why there is such power and originality to it." He then added that he enjoyed the soprano solo by Min Jiang. He said that her singing was very powerful and commented that such a powerful art can eliminate all evil and rotten things.



Finnish MP Virtanen: "Every artist should have the courage to reveal the truth and has a responsibility to stop the persecution."

One Finnish audience member said that he tried to feel the powerful and compassionate energy during the show. "These performances are like passages leading to a very powerful spiritual energy! It revealed the existence of high level beings. I felt the show has given us so much!" He and his five friends were drawn to the show by the powerful energy from the posters of the Divine Performing Arts. Another said, "Before I came here I was in very poor health but now everything is fine! This is the process of uplifting. I felt it was so wonderful and so beautiful!"

Swedish business advisor Mr. Allan Waller said, "A ticket to the Chinese Spectacular was not cheap. Yet, having seen the entire performance, it was not expensive at all! The Swedish people all enjoyed the show very much. You see, it's a full house. The situation was the same in Linköping. They've already sold out all their tickets. I would say interference from the CCP is the best promotion for the show. They [the CCP] are indeed very stupid!"




Business advisor Alan Waller: "I will tell my friends the news that an extra show has been added."

"Judged from every angle, the Chinese Spectacular is perfect and beautiful! It is full of spiritual energy, a sacred energy. I can feel the energy with my body and soul." Swedish visual artist Kerstin Rikardsson said, "The Globen, which is the largest stadium in Sweden with a capacity of 20,000 people, should be filled! All Swedish people should have the opportunity to sit in that beautiful place to enjoy the Chinese Spectacular!"




Artist Kerstin Rikardsson: "All Swedish people should come and enjoy the Spectacular."

Divine Performing Arts will come back to Stockholm in a week, having added a final show to its Northern European tour.