(Clearwisdom.net) Our Fa study group has six practitioners. Most of them are rural people who are over 60 years old, except for one who is 53. All of us are diligent in doing the three things and follow the Fa-rectification process closely. After the persecution began there was no group Fa-study for a period of time. Since resuming our group Fa study we have taken doing the three things quite seriously. No matter what Dafa project or group activity we work on, all of us cooperate well and look inward when there is any trouble. We can quickly recognize the barriers the old forces set up among us. So, we formed a strong and united whole body that no one can destroy. This enabled us to establish a great foundation for offering sentient beings salvation.

A wedding ceremony for a fellow practitioner's daughter

We discussed how to use this upcoming event as an opportunity to offer people salvation. Then we began to prepare all kinds of truth clarification materials and videos, including the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. We gathered a full bag that contained several hundred copies of materials. By the time all of the truth clarification materials were put together, it was already the day of the wedding ceremony. Practitioners in our group took the materials to the reception building's second floor where guests and relatives would gather for the reception. A fellow practitioner had asked the hall's owner for the use of the ballroom where we could use the TV and VCD player. Since early in the morning on the day of the wedding we played the Chinese New Year Spectacular sponsored by New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV). We played segments of the past two years' Spectacular shows once each time. Some said, "Hurry, we should all come to watch." Also shown was a TV program that explained that the gods will eliminate Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and it also mentioned removal of the mark of the beast the CCP had stamped on everyone. A retired village elder said, "I'd like to get this DVD for my home!"

So many people watched the Spectacular. As we distributed the truth clarification materials, we told them the facts and encouraged people to make the three withdrawals from the CCP's organizations. People came and went. We created a very strong, righteous atmosphere. More than 900f those attending the reception realized the truth. We finished handing out the contents of the entire bag of truth clarification materials before the banquet began. We were peaceful and serene, with pure hearts, and the energy field we emitted was quite righteous. Even though there was a police station at the street corner only 100 meters away, we had no fear at all. We all thanked Master from the bottom of our hearts for His support and grand compassion for saving all of us. We believe this is also the result gained from maintaining our group Fa study.

Having all sentient beings in our hearts

Our town consists of eleven villages, divided into two large north and south areas among the 64 residential groups. For several years, our group has been in charge of the southern area. This time through Studying Master's Fa lecture to Australian practitioners made us realize the limited time remaining to offer people salvation. The six of us in our Fa study group divided into three groups of two people each. We then visited every family in each residential area to clarify the truth and encourage the three withdrawals without missing a single house. We met all kinds of people when we did this. We realized the profound difficulty Master had to compassionately save us in the past years and how He endured numerous hardships. I truly understood the real meaning of Master's words, how very difficult it is to save people, and that one can only save a person with kindness and persistence after endless efforts.

For example, some people told us to leave and forbade us to come inside their yards. Some people video recorded us with the intention of reporting us to the 610 Office, and some even called the police from their cell phones. They yelled all sorts of accusations and curses. We sent out our strong righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind them and did not let these illusions affect us. We continued on to the next family. It took us three days in some residential areas to finish. We went to a town official's home, which was crowded with people in one residential area one day. Because fellow practitioners had told him the facts before and he had quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, he suggested to these people to quit even before they had a chance to express their wish while we were clarifying the truth. He said, "I quit a while ago, and all of you should do the same." As a result, all six people standing nearby agreed to make the three withdrawals. The leader also told them that all of them should come to his house that night, to read these materials and watch the DVD together. We felt Master's grand compassion at that moment, a feeling that words cannot describe.

We went to another family and happened to meet a religious person who was a guest of the family at that time. With Master's help, we told them the truth with kindness and mercy, which came out from deep inside our hearts. They all agreed that Dafa is good, but showed no sign of willingness to quit the CCP. We felt sorry for them, and the two of us shed tears as we spoke to them. We told them why they should quit with tears on our face, and that not withdrawing is bad for their futures. They were touched by our honesty and agreed to quit, including the two members of this family and the visiting religious friend from another area. This manner of telling one family after another made us feel like wandering monks and helped us rid ourselves of many human notions and attachments. We really felt that it is Dafa disciples' responsibility to offer people salvation. We have no excuse not to do this. Now only two more residential areas remain that we haven't visited yet. We also plan to finish four more sections in the northern area and are confident we can accomplish this and reach success.

We still have a long way to go according to the standards of the Fa. What we did is only a small fraction. However, we will work harder and be diligent, to follow the Fa-rectification process. We respectfully ask Master to rest assured, and we will surely do the three things well and will become qualified Dafa disciples.