It's been eight years since the Fa-rectification began. Practitioners in my area have endured many tribulations. Initially, we were anxious and tended to act on impulse. Now, we are calm and rational and we have some good experiences to share.

Teacher said in Fa Teaching at the U.S. Capital, "The focus for you right now is simply to find ways to do better, to be more efficient, to have a greater impact, and to save more people." This is our shortcoming. We are complacent with what we have done and therefore we have not tried to improve as much as we should. We haven't saved as many people as possible; our efforts lack sufficient efficiency and impact.

Take our area as an example. Before, when we worked on Dafa projects, we focused on whether we did something well or not based on whether people were saved or not. Once I went to a place to help coordinate a project. A fellow practitioner proudly told me, "We delivered the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party booklets to each and every household one year ago. People can see our truth-clarification fliers everywhere." I asked, "How many people have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?" He sighed, "Well, less than one hundred." This is an example of only caring about whether we did something instead of how well we did it. It's not enough to just not be afraid and whether we believe we are doing well. Are we really doing well? It depends on the results. Talking about "doing well," it could mean that practitioners in our area have all stepped forward. It could mean all people in our area have quit the CCP. It could mean that even non-practitioners are helping others to quit the CCP. It could also mean people have started to practice Falun Dafa after they have quit the CCP. There is no limit to "doing well." We have a village in our area where many people have quit the CCP and started to practice Falun Dafa. We should not get attached to our own happy feelings with what we are doing. I feel that we have to make judgments based on the results.

Efficiency is another issue. Recently, I went to a city and learned that they published only one booklet in three years. When a fellow practitioner was persecuted, it took them two months to make and distribute fliers. It cannot be like this! It is unacceptable to not make people see the truth. Time is too short. So, what should we do? We should start with a sense of urgency and a heart for saving people. Meanwhile, we need to develop our methods. If we want to achieve good results, we need to lay a good foundation.

In our area, the first thing that we did was to resume group study. It could be two practitioners in a group. It could be three. Some groups met every day. Some met every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Some met on a weekly basis. During group study, we studied the Fa and then shared experiences. We talked to each other about what we were doing, our shortcomings, how to do better with saving sentient beings, etc. We learned from each other and formed a good environment. After that, we formed project teams and coordinators.

With this foundation, we started to work on projects. Of course, it would be nice if each one of us could work on each. However, we are one harmonious body and therefore we need to work on different things based on our expertise. We achieve the best results when we can base our actions on the Fa. We set up a research team, an editing team, a printing team, a team to burn discs, a team to mail letters, a team to make banners, a delivery team, etc. Some are responsible for distributing truth clarification materials to remote areas. Some are specialized on certain projects, e.g. clarifying the truth to hospitals that perform organ harvesting. Whatever resources and utilities we need, we have established teams to handle them.

For example, we have a site for our area on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. Practitioners in our area all know this site. When a practitioner collects some information, he sends it to this site. The research team immediately starts to investigate which authorities are responsible, their phone numbers and addresses. They post this information back to our site so our fellow practitioners inside and outside of China can work on this issue together. The mail team sends letters to local people describing the nature of the persecution. The editing team creates truth clarification booklets right away. The delivery team quickly delivers the materials. We are all familiar with what we were supposed to do and therefore our reports are accurate, complete, and timely. We are quite efficient. People say, "Falun Gong is so capable!" The police are shocked. They are afraid and ask people not to hold them responsible for what happens; they regret what they have done. In this way, we save more people. When we realized some villages were missed, we immediately coordinated among ourselves to have those villages covered. We didn't want to miss anyone. We must be truly responsible.

We haven't had a large impact in some areas, however. I think this is because we haven't provided complete and timely reports, or updates. Therefore, the impact didn't last long. In my area, when one fellow practitioner was illegally arrested, we did eight follow up reports. We started with how he was illegally arrested, who was involved, and why this had happened. Then, we continued with updates on his condition. After that, we published a booklet to report on what had happened to the authorities involved with his illegal arrest. The reports were in-depth and detailed. Many people in our town learned what happened and became concerned. Whenever someone was illegally persecuted, we'd let all the people know so we would have a larger impact and more people would learn the truth.

We have published six reports and updates regarding the organ harvesting. We started with collecting evidence. We investigated and exposed what had happened via the internet. We continued with further investigations on the people who were involved. We collected their pictures and names. We provided information on where they stored the organs, etc. The team that specialized on this project initiated activities one after another. We will not stop until the persecution stops. We will have a larger and larger impact. People involved in the organ harvesting have become afraid.

We feel that there is a big shortcoming with some areas, that is, they didn't pay much attention to people's feedback. In our area, after we distributed the Nine Commentaries booklets, we went out the next day to chat with people about it. People said, "The Nine Commentaries booklet is good. However, we are afraid of the CCP." When we learned this, we started to look inside and realized that we are afraid of the CCP ourselves. In order to improve the situation, we ourselves should not be afraid. How can we help other people if we are? We downloaded some well-written statements from people who had quit the CCP. Then we printed them out and made posters from them. We put them up in markets and parks to encourage people. After that, we went to talk with people again to get their comments. Some of them said, "I don't care whether history will abandon the CCP or not. I only care about staying healthy and having a happy family." So we went to the Minghui/Clearwisdom site to compile and distribute articles on how people got well or avoided tragic accidents simply by shouting, "Falun Dafa is good!" After this, we learned that people wanted to know what Falun Dafa is. Whatever they wanted to know, we got them the information. We clarified the truth and helped people quit the CCP based on their needs. There was one time when people's mindsets changed almost every ten days. But more people need us to talk to them face to face to help them quit the CCP. After exchanging our understandings, we decided that we should pair up to do this. Everything had to be based on the Fa. We needed to harmonize what sentient beings wanted and needed.

Being able to save more people is something that we need to improve on. The root cause is our notion of areas. Practitioners in my area recently made some breakthroughs. We not only clarified the truth in our own city, but also went to nearby cities. For example, the editing team not only worked on our own materials, but also helped with areas that haven't received many truth clarification materials. The delivery team would take materials to any areas we learned needed them. We didn't care which area we helped. Each one of us is a coordinator. We all actively help coordinate projects. We often visit and communicate with each other. We are all connected as a whole body, without separation. In fact, we have sent a few teams to other areas so they can save more people.

The above are my personal understandings. Please correct anything that is inappropriate.