For Chinese New Year this year we had a total of 21 family members together for dinner. When we we were toasting, my second son, who is not a practitioner and works in another city, said, "Thanks to the Master of Dafa." Tears ran down my face when I heard him say this.

I have been paralyzed for 20 years. My two daughters-in-law quarreled over taking care of me and didn't speak to each other for about 15 years. I have been living with my younger son. My older son and his family lives in another city. Even coming back for New Year's, they just came to take a look at me and then left. In order to avoid any trouble, I never asked them to have dinner together, because I knew there were conflicts between the sons and they avoided each other. I just pretended that I didn't notice.

In 2005, I fortunately became a Falun Dafa practitioner. When I had just started to practice the exercises, I asked a practitioner, "Can I do the exercises with my crutches?" The practitioner patiently told me, "Just think that you can do them and ignore your having crutches." Hearing that, I had confidence and said, "All right, I can."

It was miraculous! I put my crutches down and finished the first exercise. I was so excited. The practitioner told me, "It was Master who encouraged you." I did two sets of exercises on the second day and three sets of exercises on the third day. I was able to do all five sets of the exercises after the first week.

I concentrated on cultivation and did not need to take medicine anymore. I saved about twenty thousand yuan over the last three years. Through studying Zhuan Falun and watching the videos of Master's Fa discussion with practitioners, I learned that the key to cultivation is cultivating my heart and improving my xinxing to be a good person. Thus, I eliminated the attachment of always paying attention to the faults of my sons and their wives, and the bad relationship between me and my daughters-in-law became peaceful. My big family hadn't sat together to have dinner for more than 20 years, but they now all get along after I learned Falun Dafa.

My sons have been seeing my xinxing changing and my health returning. They are very happy. I am almost 80 years old. Since starting to practice Falun Dafa, I have totally changed. I am robust and have more energy; I feel myself becoming younger and younger. The neighbors all comment on my delicate complexion.