(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese Spectacular presented by the Divine Performance Arts of New York at the Victoria Art Center in Melbourne attracted many artists and musicians. Rose, a violinist and former member of the Indoor Orchestra of Australia, said that the Spectacular was perfect and she was completely absorbed. "I felt every cell of my body was energized. It may not be enough to see this show one time. I want to see it again."

Former orchestra violinist Rose enjoyed the show

The traditional Chinese cultural programs gave Rose inner joy. "These pieces reminded me of my childhood as I have been drawn to Chinese culture ever since I was young. The Masters of Ceremony said that Chinese culture was imparted by divine beings and I noticed that Chinese culture and arts have their special bearings which are very beautiful. I loved it!"

Different aspects of the show were inspiring to Rose. "For example, the show depicted that the choice of good over evil and the defeat of evil by conscience all met with a consummate ending. This was very inspiring and it will encourage people to make the right choice in the future. Every piece was very touching and spiritually uplifting!"

Rose said that her mind was still filled with the elegant dancing, melody, and great backdrop. "It is a feeling hard to describe, however, it is very natural. It is as if I was a member of the dance group, and every move of the dances touched my heart and attracted my eyes."

"It was a great memory and a wonderful night. The performance was excellent, and it was as if I had a beautiful dream and I didn't want to wake up."