(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner A and I discussed what happened to practitioner B, who was the driver of a car involved in an accident last January. Five practitioners were in the car. As the car slid off the road he shouted, "Master, please save me!"

The car went into a deep ditch. The passengers were shocked when they got out of the car. The steep ditch was 20 meters deep (about 60 feet). It was so deep that they were unable to scramble up. However, as the car fell they did not feel much. Two of them said the car fell slowly, like a helicopter about to land. None of them sustained any injuries, not even a scratch. The car was not even damaged! Once a crane lifted it out, it worked normally.

As we know, Master saved them.

Practitioner A said, "Master has saved me many times." This practitioner works in a coal mine, so his work is dangerous. A few of his experiences in the coal mine follow:

One day in 2001, a dozen of his colleagues and he went into a mine. He always walked at the head of the line. His job is to be in charge of the detonator. When the smoke of explosion disappears the other people begin to work. That day he did not pay attention to the sound of the rocks dislodging from the coal vein and continued walking. Suddenly a great pile of coal fell onto him and covered him completely. The men walking behind were shocked. They stood around the rocks and feared disturbing the area, expecting another cave in. They thought Practitioner A was dead. But Practitioner A was not dead. He was clear-headed the whole time. He had heard someone shout as he fell to the ground. The falling coal hit his calf bone and hurt him. No one tried to rescue practitioner A and dig him out because they thought he was dead. The fallen rocks weighed several tons, presumably killing the person who was hit. He then told himself he must not stay in the pile of rocks and should stand up, so he made an effort to stand up. When he did so, the frightened people around him ran away immediately. He reassured them, "Don't be frightened, I did not die!"

He climbed out of the pile and sat down on a rock, saying he felt somewhat nauseated and wanted to vomit, and then he lost consciousness. People around him hurried to carry him to the surface and wanted to take him to a hospital. He felt dizzy and heard a faint voice, "Take him to the hospital." He was aware enough to realize he should not go to a hospital and should get out of the vehicle about to take him there. He woke up and asked them to stop transporting him. He left the vehicle and insisted on not going to a hospital, telling his colleagues that he would be fine after sitting there for a few minutes, and not to worry about him.

He explained to us later that at that time, he realized that his internal organs were severely injured and his thorax had collapsed. Nevertheless, he told himself, "I am a Dafa disciple, and Master is watching over me, and everything will be fine." And then he felt a powerful energy emerging from the most microcosmic parts of his body to its surface. When the energy reached the surface, his body was rehabilitated from the inside out. He said he was unable to express that feeling in words. A few minutes later he stood up. Except for excessive sweating, it seemed nothing had ever happened. He went to work as usual and regretted that he did not say he was a Falun Gong practitioner and missed an opportunity to validate Dafa to people. Many people later on learned that he is a Falun Gong practitioner.

In 2006, a somewhat similar incident occurred. He once felt as if a huge magnetic disk was holding him in place as he tried to run away from a blast. He looked up to see a huge rock falling from above. As the rock landed in front of him, he knew Master had saved him once again.

Another time, he was washing his hands in the mine right after work, and he heard a roaring noise. He was alarmed, but he had no means of escape. When he recovered consciousness, he found himself not standing at the original place, but instead at the corner of the mine roadway. The 70-meter-length of mine roadway had completely collapsed. The place where he had washed his hands had collapsed. Master had saved him once again. Master saved him many times.

Practitioner A's workplace is on a steeply sloping mountain. More than one hundred people work there, including many young people. None of his colleagues are able to ride their bicycles to the top of the mountain. They have to push their bicycles to the top and then ride the bicycles down to go home after work. Practitioner A is in his fifties, yet rides his bicycle all the way to work every day. Some people remark that Falun Gong practitioners are in better physical condition than others.

Practitioner C is a detonation supervisor. One day in 2007, a 70-meter-long mine roadway was divided into four sections. Four persons were in charge of detonations. One of these four sections did not produce a sound. After a while, practitioner C went there to see what happened. The person who was in charge of that section worked by himself and did not notice practitioner C's arrival and set the detonator. When practitioner C was nearly two meters from the firing hole, the detonator went off, the explosion spewing rock and debris a great distance. Practitioner C merely felt a small shock wave and was not hit by the exploding rocks. In the past, practitioner C always heard other practitioners talk about how Master had rescued them from great danger, yet he had remained dubious. This time he personally experienced Dafa's power. When people heard practitioner C's experience, they said they realized that the propaganda on TV about Falun Gong was wrong.

Following is practitioner A's cultivation story:

In 2002 he got up at 4:30 a.m. as he did every day to do the Falun Gong exercises. One day his neighbor reported him when he played the exercise music. Two policemen intended to confiscate the music player and exercise tapes and threatened him that if he continued to practice Falun Gong they would arrest him and put him in a forced labor camp. He was not frightened and told them instead, "Practicing Falun Gong does not harm others. Instead, it benefits me physically. If you do not permit me to practice Falun Gong, I will go to Beijing to appeal." Upon hearing this the policemen said, "You'd better practice at home, but you should play the exercise music at low volume and not let your neighbor hear. Otherwise, when someone reports you it is difficult for us to deal with it." Then they left.

They went to his home many times thereafter. He did not let them affect him and studied the Fa and did the exercises every day as usual. One day six or seven policemen invaded his home, all of them high-level officials. They threatened that if he continued to practice Falun Gong they would put him into a forced labor camp. They told him, "We are giving you three chances. You'd better consider it well." And then they asked him, "Do you want to continue practicing Falun Gong?" He replied, "Yes." They were angry and threatened that he still had two chances, and they were not joking, and said much to threaten him. They still asked him if he would continue practicing Falun Gong, and he still replied, "Yes." They pounded the table and stared at him and said, "You have only one chance left, and we hope you consider it well. If you still insist on practicing Falun Gong we will arrest you and sentence you to five or six years in prison." They then asked him, "Do you still insist on practicing Falun Gong? This is the last chance for you." He still steadfastly replied, "Yes." The one policeman suddenly changed his attitude and said with a smile, "Why don't you allow us to save face? You can say you will give up your belief when we ask you, and after we leave you can continue practicing." Then they left, and they never returned.