(Clearwisdom.net) At 6:00 a.m. on February 25, 2008, Liaoning Province General Office of Public Security, Liaoning Province General Office of Security, Liaoning Province 610 Office, Huludao City National Security Bureau, Huludao City Public Security Bureau, and the Huludao City 610 Office, along with the Suizhong Public Security Bureau, Suizhong 610 Office, and Suizhong Fire Fighting Brigade, conspired to arrest 13 Suizhong Dafa practitioners. Those arrested included Mr. Yang Guangwu, Ms. Feng Kelan, Ms. Yang Zhaofang, Ms. Yang Zhaoying, Ms. Shen Wenling, Ms. Pei Zhihua, Ms. Zhou Yingzhun, Mr. Yang Jiangwei, Ms. Li Xiaoming, Mr. Fan Dezhen, Ms. Yang Xiaoxue, Mr. Wang Yuanju, and Ms. Zhang Chongyue. These arrests by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities have caused the practitioners tremendous economic losses.

Just prior to the practitioners being arrested and taken away, a group of police officers knocked on Mr. Yang Guangwu's door. But Mr. Yang, his wife Ms. Feng Kelan, and their older daughter Ms. Yang Zhaofang, all practitioners, refused to open it. Since Mr. Yang's apartment was on the third floor of the building, the police brought a fire engine and used the ladder to reach the windows of Mr. Yang's apartment. They then smashed some windows and illegally entered his home. Mr. Yang's younger daughter, Ms. Yang Zhaoying, wasn't at home at that time but she was arrested later (how and where she was arrested is unclear). Mr. Yang's whole family is currently "illegally imprisoned" at the Huludao City Detention Center. The police not only arrested three of Mr. Yang's family members but also took some their family's belongings including the family's checkbook.

The police hired a locksmith to open practitioner Ms. Shen Wenling's door and then illegally entered her home. Ms. Shen refused to cooperate with the police, so they forcibly took her away when she was still wearing her slippers. The police also confiscated her belongings. Most of the officers who intruded into Ms. Shen's home were from the Suizhong Airport Police Station. Ms. Shen is now imprisoned at the Huludao City Detention Center.

The police not only searched practitioner Ms. Pei Zhihua's home, but also arrested her and her husband, even though he doesn't practice Falun Gong. Ms. Pei is imprisoned in the Huludao City Detention Center.

The police then ordered another locksmith to open practitioner Ms. Zhou Yingchun's door and broke into her home. At that time, Ms. Zhou wasn't at home but was subsequently arrested and imprisoned at the HuluDao City Detention Center. They also searched Ms. Zhou's home.

On the evening of February 25, four police vehicles surrounded practitioner Mr. Yang Jiangwei's building until the morning of February 26. The police then intruded into Mr. Yang's home and searched it. They arrested Mr. Yang and his wife, practitioner Ms. Li Xiaoming, who had just married Mr. Yang a month prior. Mr. Yang and his wife are both currently imprisoned at Huludao City Detention Center.

The police then arrested practitioner Mr. Fan Dezhen and his wife, practitioner Ms. Yang Xiaoxue, at their home. They even forcibly separated Ms. Yang and her several-month-old baby. Their home was ransacked and some of their belongings taken.

At around 5:00 a.m. on February 25, 2008, the police from Huludao City Police Station, Huludao City Fire Fighting Brigade, Xingcheng City Police Station, Xingcheng City 610 Office, Wenquan Local Police Station in Xingcheng City, and other branches, attempted to arrest practitioner Mr. Wang Yuanju at Luiyuan Community in Xingcheng City. But Mr. Wang refused to cooperate with the police and stood outside the windows on the fourth floor, hanging onto a metal window-frame for over five hours. Many people saw the stand-off. Many police, two fire engines, and several various-sized police vehicles surrounded the building. The police also prepared a big air-filled cushion on the ground. In the end, Mr. Wang was arrested.

Practitioner Ms. Zhang Chongyue and three other family members rent a house in the Suizhong Area. The police arrested her in her rented home and also took her belongings. Ms. Zhang is now imprisoned in Huludao City Detention Center.

In total, the police confiscated eleven laptops, eight printers, five satellite-receivers and dishes, some papers, and other materials from the practitioners' homes.

Phone numbers of personnel at Huludao City Police Station:

Chief Wang Like: 86-249-3170001 (Office)
Deputy Chief Zhang Ying: 86-249-3170003 (Office), 86-249-3113698 (Home), 86-13904299811 (Cell)

Phone numbers of personnel at Huludao City Detention Center:

Head Wei Guozhong: 86-249-3171908 (Office), 86-249-3155685 (Home), 86-13464380008 (Cell)
Political Instructor Liu Changbiao: 86-249-3171909 (Office), 86-249-3192991 (Home), 86-13898940991 (Cell)
Deputy Head Zhang Lisheng: 86-249-3171900 extension 818 (Office), 86-249-3902698 (Home), 86-13019980118 (Cell)