(Clearwisdom.net) A Fengmao Forestry Department Falun Gong practitioner, Fu Guichun, who underwent a forced abortion, has been illegally detained in Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison for nearly six years. The Fengmao Forestry Department is under the jurisdiction of the Jinshabtun District of Yichun City. Because of severe persecution, Ms. Fu Guichun developed a serious case of diabetes, rendering her unable to care for herself. Nevertheless, the prison is still detaining her and subjecting her to ongoing persecution.

In May 2002, because she is a Falun Gong practitioner, Ms. Fu Guichun was arrested by police from the Fenggou Precinct and officials from the 610 Office of the Jinshantun District Public Security Sub-Bureau. They detained her at the Wuyiling Forestry Detention Center. At that time, even though she was several months pregnant, she was severely tortured by police from the Jinshantun District Public Security Sub-bureau, who tried to force her to denounce Falun Gong. Chinese Communist officials performed a forced abortion on Ms. Fu using despicable means, and she was sentenced on the basis of fabricated crimes to an eight-year prison term in Heilongjiang Women's Prison.

During one wave of persecution, about ten Falun Gong practitioners were illegally arrested, who then were either sent to forced labor camps or illegally imprisoned. Among them, Fu Guichun's husband Wang Jibin was arrested and sentenced to five-and-a-half years of imprisonment. He is currently detained at the Lianjiangkou Prison in Jiamusi City.

Ever since the Chinese Communist regime started persecuting Falun Gong, Fu Guichun and her husband have been illegally detained and had their home ransacked many times because of their solid belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance", the foundational principles of Falun Dafa.

Back in April 2000, both of them went to Beijing to appeal, a right guaranteed by China's constitution, for justice for Falun Gong. Wang Jibin was arrested and detained at the Yichun Forced Labor Camp for a year, and Fu Guichun was detained at the Jinshantun Detention Center for over three months. In addition, 4,000 yuan was extorted from her by officials from Fengmou Forestry Department and the Jinshantun Public Security Sub-Bureau. In December that same year, she was sent to labor camp for a year. In the labor camp with her were three other practitioners, including Li Hongsheng from the same forestry department.

The Fengmao Forestry Department in Yichun City is a small department, where more than ten Dafa practitioners work and live. Since the persecution of Falun Gong began, the Chinese Communist regime in Jinshantun District has aggressively persecuted Dafa practitioners.

All the surrounding roads were monitored and blocked for passage by practitioners. Practitioners in groups of no more than three were allowed passage. They were required to ask for permission to leave the forestry. These practitioners have been fined, their homes have been ransacked, and they have had their identity cards withheld and their personal property confiscated. They have been sent to labor camps, subjected to brainwashing, forced to undergo abortions, sentenced to jail, and physically disabled due to persecution.

On April 8, 2000, ten practitioners--Fu Guichun, Lang Xianguo, and Wang Xinchun among them--went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. Wang Guixiang was arrested at Nancha Train Station, detained at Jingshantun Center, and tortured by Meng Xianhua, deputy chief of the Jingshantun Public Security Sub-Bureau, and by Min Changchun of the Fenggou Police Station.

Wang Xinchun and two others were arrested in Langfang City. They were forced to do hard labor and weren't permitted to sleep at night. Fu Guichun and five other fellow practitioners held up a banner with the words, "Falun Dafa is Good" in Tiananmen Square. The military police on the square punched, kicked, and dragged the practitioners to a police vehicle. They were then detained in the Yichun office in Beijing, where Fengmou Secretary Xie Yonghui illegally searched the practitioners and robbed them of several thousand yuan.

On April 10, 2000, male practitioners jailed in the Jinshantun Detention Center were severely beaten by Fengmou factory chief Wang Changqi and Wang Shoumin of the Fenggou Police Station. Wang Shoumin used a mop to strike a practitioner's buttocks and lower back repeatedly. Other practitioners were tortured by being forced to stand still or to squat for long periods of time.

Afraid of practitioners going to Beijing for lawful appeal, the local Communist authorities in Jinshantun District has been rampantly arresting practitioners in greater numbers, detaining many at the local detention center. Under orders from local police officers headed by Meng Xianhua, practitioners were not given enough food to eat. While many practitioners were reciting Teacher's lectures, the center's police chief lashed them with plastic tubes. Later he ordered guards to do the same. Some practitioners were locked up in separate quarters. When Fu Guichun and others were practicing the Falun Gong exercises together, guards violently beat them. Practitioners were dragged to stand in the hallway for twenty-four hours and were not allowed to use the toilet.

Under a strong demand by practitioners, those who were detained for over three months were released, provided that family members paid a ransom of anywhere from 500 to 2,000 yuan each. In addition, Fengmou factory chief Wang Changqi and secretary Xie Yonghui extorted another 2,000 yuan from family members before they agreed to the practitioners' release.

In Jingshantun District, Yichun City, practitioners still imprisoned in labor camps include Fu Guichun, Lang Xianguo, Qin Yueming, Wang Linwen, Zhu Chengxin, Wang Zhiqian, Chen Guiqiu, Wang Baoyu, Tian Limei, and Liu Chunli.

Phone numbers:

Fenggou Police Station: 86-458-3700555
Fengmao Forestry Department: 86-458-3700001