(Clearwisdom.net) After departing from Vienna, the Divine Performing Arts stopped for one performance in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. A few hours before the show, all of the dancers, singers and musicians were working hard in preparation. Nonetheless, the atmosphere in the Slovak National Theater was calm and unbelievably harmonious.

In the face of pressure from the Chinese embassy to cancel the show, the theater management successfully resisted the interference. On the surface, one of the reasons was that the show was openly organized by the Slovak Falun Gong Association, and the practitioners clarified the facts to the theater in advance. Also, the practitioners did not accept this kind of interference in their hearts. The show was sold out one week before the performance.

Step dance instructor at the University of Musical Arts and dance teacher at a local art school Igor Sebla said: "And these dancers, these young dancers, I think they are giving very beautiful, first-class performances. This is such a great opportunity to see something truly different--not the same as we see here in Europe. I think that this is very wonderful, a meeting of the cultures, and this can help us to understand each other."

Asked which pieces were his favorite, he said, "The water fairies [the piece "Nymphs of the Sea"]. I liked the idea of 'water' and working with the fans, you know, this idea of how to show water, the water element, and the timing and rhythm, because my domain is step dance, which emphasizes rhythm. I was also really taken by the last number, 'Victory Drums.' The drums are different and interesting in every culture. For sure, I have seen many inspirational things for my work during these performances."

Tap dancer Mariana Sablova, said what most impressed her about the Spectacular were the dances, in particular the "Mongolian Bowl Dance" and "Lightness and Grace."

She was also concerned about the human rights abuses in China that were touched on in the show.

"This show impressed me by the fact that it was expressing a sad story about suffering. Actually I think it is the suffering of the Chinese people who live under the communist regime and people who live outside of China trying to do something for the regime to change."

"After this show I think the whole of Bratislava and Slovakia who saw the show will do everything in their power to change something, for sure, and we are very thankful for a chance to see it," said Sablova.

Simona Smedova, a project manager at the Healthcare Ministry, during the intermission said, "It's the most amazing thing that I have seen. I can say, I am overwhelmed. It's great...really. It prompts very strong emotions and I am very impressed."

"I liked the contra alto, the singer, and I liked the piece with the lotus flower. Actually it was the idea of my friend to come. She got the tickets, and told me about it, and I was like, OK, let's go and see what it will be, and it is great. I 'm looking forward to the next part."

She added, "Go and see, great colors, great music, great rhythm, great show!"

Businessman Franti�ek Tatarko, who works in the building and construction industry, was already familiar with the show.

"It was splendid. I know the performance, I've already seen it in Paris. And now I'm very happy that it can be seen by people in Bratislava and that people liked the performance -- it can be seen in the reaction of the audience."

"As a whole, the Chinese culture is such a gentle [one]. It can touch people, it is spiritual, it is heartfelt."

In addition to spanning 5,000 years of history and featuring dances from various ethnic cultures from within China, the show also features contemporary human rights issues. Two pieces highlight the peaceful response of the spiritual practice Falun Gong in the face of persecution by the Chinese regime.

Tatarko said, "I know that in China, there is a communist regime, and that they are persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. I'm very well informed about it, because a