(Clearwisdom.net) Shijiazhuang Women's Prison in Hebei Province detains about 80 to 90 Falun Gong practitioners. The oldest is 70 years old. The longest term is 14 years. Falun Gong practitioners Miss Wang Bo and her mother,Liu Shuqin, are detained and persecuted in the Shijiazhuang Women's Prison after they were sentenced. (see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2007/6/17/86845.html for more information on Wang Bo.)

The long-term excessive work causes more than half the detainees to develop diseases such as tuberculosis. The Falun Gong practitioners are forced to work overtime. Every night they cannot go to sleep until 11 PM or 12 AM. Every job has a quota. If they cannot finish the quota, if they talk when lining-up, or if the work quality is not good enough, they are punished.

There is a so-called "attacking the steadfast" team in the prison, which is specially set up for "transforming" and persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. The new arrivals among the Falun Gong practitioners are subjected to brainwashing by the team. The prison cancels all the rights of those Falun Gong practitioners who do not write the so-called "Four Statements." They cannot have their terms reduced, they are not allowed to be released on bail, not allowed family visits, phone calls, to send or receive letters, or to purchase anything. From each prison division, one guard and several collaborators who had written the "Four Statements" are selected as assistants. If a practitioner does not write the "Four Statements," the assistants do not allow him to sleep. The prison also orders prisoners to monitor Falun Gong practitioners when they are talking, working and eating. All actions are monitored, and any errors are picked up and used as a reason for punishment.

The prison guards only have two words, one is "fast" and the other is "do". The prison forces Falun Gong practitioners to work excessively. Every day, the practitioners are subjected to intense stress by being forced to make clothing for more than 16 hours from 6 AM to midnight. Everyone has to finish their quota.

In the Shijiazhuang Women's Prison, it is very cold. There is very strict control between prison divisions. If a detainee meets someone she knows and says hello, she will be punished.

Shijiazhuang Women's Prison: 86-311-83939625
Corresponding Address: P.O. Box 55-2, Luquan City, Hebei Province; Zip code: 050222 Prison Politics Section: 86-311-83939712

Partial List of the Guards in the Prison:
Warden: Zhang Yi: 86-13832116656 (Cell), 86-311-83939601(Office)
Warden: Yu Buqi
Living Materials Section: Shang Hui and Wang Li
Fu Yuhui, Chief of Prison Politics Section (very wicked)
Education Section: Ge Shuguang

Hebei Province Prison Bureau
Xu Xinjun, Deputy director of Hebei Province Department of Justice and
Director of Hebei Province Prison Bureau: 86-311-88607768 (Office)
Yang Kuixian, Commissar of Hebei Province Prison Bureau: 86-311-88607786 (Office)
Zhao Xiuli, Deputy director of Hebei Province Prison Bureau:86-311-88607756 (Office)
Sun Hai, Deputy director of Hebei Province Prison Bureau: 86-311-88607766 (Office)
Zhao Xijun, Head of Prison Politics Section of Hebei Province Prison Bureau: 86-311-88606688 (Office), 86-13931107296 (Cell)

Hebei Province 610 Office
Zhang Guojun, Director: 86-311-87906310 (Office), 86-311-87906898 (Home)
Ji Tingyu, Deputy Director: 86-311-87908895 (Office), 86-311-87906889 (Home)
Wang Yongzhi, Deputy Director: 86-311-87908681(Office), 86-311-87906766 (Home), 86-13931110731(Cell)
Ding Xiufeng, Assistant: 86-311-87906533 (Office), 86-311-87900918(Home)
Wang Shumin, Chief of Secretary Office: 86-311-87906057 (Office), 86-311-87909866 (Home)
Secretary Office: 86-311-87908610
Wang Xiuying, Deputy Chief of Secretary Office: 86-311-87906535(Office), 86-311-83022650 (Home)