(Clearwisdom.net) From January 12-16, 2008, seventeen Singapore practitioners visited Vietnam to promote Dafa and clarify the truth.

The next morning after arriving, practitioners went to a small park near our hotel to practice the exercises. I came across a fellow practitioner from Vietnam and found out that they were not allowed to practice the exercises and distribute materials outdoors in Vietnam. He said they could not do much of anything, and he asked me to be very careful. I told him that we would be careful and we would clarify the truth to people face-to-face. However, many people asked for truth-clarifying materials. In fact, we ran out of materials two or three days after we arrived. We felt that all sentient beings in Vietnam have been waiting for the Fa.

Some practitioners demonstrated the exercises while others distributed materials. One person finished reading all the materials while sitting next to me. He then chatted with my sister. Fortunately he could speak English. He said that according to the materials he read, the book Zhuan Falun had been translated into Vietnamese. He asked where he could buy this book so he could learn more about it. My sister told him that he could find this information on the Internet.

An elderly man went to the site where practitioners were demonstrating the exercises after taking some of our materials. He talked a lot, however, we could not understand him. He then tried to communicate with us using body gestures. He pointed to the sky, then pointed to the ground, and then pointed to the practitioners who were doing the exercises, and made circles in the air with his hands. I thought to myself that maybe he saw Falun spinning. I then showed him the picture of a Falun in the book "Zhuan Falun," and he nodded. I then showed him Teacher's photo. He studied it for a while and became very happy. Maybe he finally found what he had long been waiting for. Later he started learning the exercises.

The next morning we went to practice the exercises at the same park. To our surprise, more people came to learn the exercises. Besides local people, there were also black and Caucasian people who came to learn.

The trip to Vietnam was very fruitful. My xinxing improved and I also got rid of some attachments. The other practitioners seemed to feel the same way.

There are many Chinese in Vietnam. Many have even forgotten how to write their name in Chinese. Some are even members of the Chinese Communist Party. During our stay, five Chinese people withdrew from the Chinese Communist Party Young Pioneers. Some signed their names to support our anti-torture "million signature collection."

When a practitioner distributed materials in the park, one Chinese who had lived in Vietnam for a long time, picked up some materials that had been tossed on the ground by others and gave them back to this practitioner. The practitioner thanked him and started a conversation. He asked him whether he had read our materials, and the man said no. Later this practitioner gave him a copy of the materials and chatted with him. He had been a member of the Young Pioneers when he was little. He then withdrew from the Youth Pioneers and learned the practice while he was there.

The sentient beings in Vietnam have been longing for Dafa and waiting for practitioners to save them. Although the environment is not very good, we know that we can change the environment with our strong righteous thoughts.