(Clearwisdom.net) On March 8, 2008, after Keelung Chang, Professor at the Kaohsiung Medical University and Director of the Biochemistry Institute, enjoyed the fifth show of the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) Chinese Spectacular in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, he said, "This performance made us think about how to become a person that is useful to society. Making the right decision in judging between right and wrong, kindness and evil, is the most important message this performance tried to pass on to people. The show did not stop at the level of pure aesthetics and music."

On March 8, the last performance in Kaihsiung City, the audience watched attentively

An attentive audience

Keelung Chang, Professor at the Kaohsiung Medical University and Director of the Biochemistry Institute

"The Chinese Spectacular is very good. In fact, this show is not merely a performance. It emphasizes the people-oriented philosophy of art. It demonstrated several key characteristics. The first one is the presentation of the basic goodness of human nature. We all have a basic nature, intellect, and rationality. The temptations of and desire for the material things in the human world might make us lose our true nature, what we often call 'Buddha nature.' This performance can awaken our Buddha nature through art, the artistic form, with dance, sound, and light. It can awaken our pure, original nature."

Inspiring Human Nature, Awakening the Deeper Meaning of Life

Mr. Chang continued, "Why can Divine Performing Arts awaken our true nature? The key is the content. It explains the deeper meaning of life that moves you and can cause you to burst into tears. For example, the lyrics by the tenor Hong Ming were very short and simple. But it touched your heart, inspired your true nature and awakened the deeper meaning. The dances, 'The Fruits of Goodness,' 'The Risen Lotus Flower,' and 'Awakening' all brought me to tears. I felt that when facing evil, sometimes human beings can be very helpless. People tend to overlook the power of kindness and forget to use it and hence give the evil a chance. Using black to represent evil gives people a strong feeling. The words 'Falun Dafa is good' on the wall itself is a shout, a shout denouncing the persecution and declaring the truth. The content of the performance can inspire people's kind nature. When witnessing the evil crushing the kind, you really want to help the kind person. Right now, I really want to go help."

"The show is fantastic and outstanding. But the most important thing is its content. Seeing this show is not just for entertainment. What is more important is what we have learned."

"There is also the demonstration of gods and Buddha in the performance. Buddha represents the kind side. But this is not just the representation of the image of Buddha. It underlines the connotations of Buddhism. One's Buddha nature can be easily lost in the quest for fame and fortune in human society. But on this occasion, you will be awakened, not by words, but by feeling. You feel that you have been awakened from within. Regardless of skin color or race, I think people will be awakened."

Nurse: The Music Gave Me a Comfortable Feeling

Nurse Yuzhu Chang from the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital said in an interview, "The music gave me a very comfortable feeling. It made me feel close and calm. The songs are good and quite moving." She said she liked "Descent of the Celestial Kings" and "Drummers of the Tang Court" the most because they were so exciting. She said that she felt an exquisite, encouraging feeling, similar to what is described in Buddhism.