(Clearwisdom.net) Since the Divine Performing Arts New York Company arrived in Taiwan on February 29, 2008, it has performed 12 shows in Tainan, Kaohsiung and Taichung. On March 15, the Divine Performing Arts kicked off its premiere show of the Chinese Spectacular at the Taipei International Convention Center in the capital of Taiwan. Ms. Annette Lu, Taiwan's Vice-president attended the second show which started at 7:30 p.m..

The Divine Performing Arts will perform six shows of the Chinese Spectacular in Taipei, 12,000 audience members are expected to witness the Divine Performing Arts' graceful demeanor, including such dignitaries as members of the Cabinet, government officials, people from the circles of law, medicine, business, art, religion, and other fields.

Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular plays to a full house

An audience member is moved to tears by the touching scene in the Chinese Spectacular

An audience member is moved to tears by the touching scene in the Chinese Spectacular

An audience member is enthralled by the Spectacular

Ms .Annette Lu (center),Taiwan's Vice president attended the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular at the Taipei International Convention Center on the evening of March 15, 2008.

Taiwan's Vice President, Ms. Annette Lu, watched the whole performance, and offered high praise for the Divine Performing Arts.

When the Divine Performing Arts New York Company first arrived in Taiwan on February 28 to begin its cross island tour, Ms. Lu sent a congratulatory telegraph to the company. She said, "Your company has been promoting traditional culture. Based on the ideals of interpreting the history and reproducing its glory, your performance has combined the arts of music and dance, and presented a unique and perfect visual and audio feast. It's delicate, elegant and thought-provoking. You have received broad acceptance and recognition from all sectors of Taiwanese society. I hereby wish your performances a complete success. Best regards to your health and an enjoyable New Year "

Ms. Ho Mei-yueh, Chairperson of Taiwan's Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD) attended the first show of the Spectacular and praised the company for its effort of carrying forward Chinese traditions. She expressed her curiosity about the Divine Performing Arts, "I'm wondering what kind of group it is to be devoted so much to such a career. This is what I'm interested in."

Ho Mei-yueh, Chairperson of the Council for Economic Planning and Development

As for the performance, Ms. Ho said, "I like the 'Lady of the Moon,' and the 'Descent of the Celestial Kings' is new for me as I haven't heard of the legend. In addition, the technique of the backdrop is very good. Traditional dancing has only dancing, but the Spectacular not only integrates the setting and lighting, but the backdrop is moving; that is, it has a dynamic background, which forms a whole with the dancing. It gives me a good feeling."

Talking about the meaning behind the performance, Ms. Ho said, "I think it's very good that the Spectacular presents something that young people nowadays pay little attention to through dancing. The youth nowadays are unfamiliar with legends such as 'Lady of the Moon,' the story of Houyi. The younger generation might think they are outdated stories. However, when the stories are performed with dance, they have a different effect. The entire performance was very well arranged.

Finally she said, "They are selfless people as they are intending to help carry forward the Chinese traditions through such endeavors."

Mr. Chang Pen-Tsao, Chairman of The Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, attended the Spectacular in Taipei on March 15, 2008

Mr. Chang Pen-Tsao, financial magnate in Taipei, Director-general of the Chin Ting Stock Group, Chairman of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, is an eminent person in Taipei. He is a GMD Politburo Member, three-term MP, national policy advisor of the Presidential Palace. He abandoned politics for commerce, and has been chairman of over a dozen enterprises. He attended the Spectacular in Taipei on March 15, 2008. He told the reporter that the Divine Performing Arts incorporated China's ancient civilization and culture into dancing and music, making it even more impressive for us than theater.

Mr. Wang Rong-chou, Chairman of the Bank for Medium-Scale Enterprises in Taiwan, used to be vice minister for Ministry of Finance, and Director of National Tax Bureau, attended the Spectacular, and said with a smile on his face, "It's really fantastic!" He showed particular interest in the rhythm of the performance. He praised that the Divine Performing Arts made him reflect on his own culture.

Mr. Wang said, "This is an amazing performance, presenting the essence of our ancient [culture]through simple concept and modernized performance, it has great depth."

An icon of Da Yan International Architecture Bureau, Mr. Su Yu-che, and his wife attended the Spectacular on the evening of March 15. What was the most impressive act for him in the first half of the show was "historical stories in Chinese tradition." He who stressed the native culture in Taiwan, was pleasantly surprised to see such a divinely-inspired culture in the Central Plains.

He said he felt warm inside as an overseas Chinese who has been living in New York for over 30 years. What impressed him the most was the dance "Water Sleeves," which was peaceful and harmonious. As soon as the curtain lifted for the dance number "Water Sleeves," be it music or background, he had a feeling of being beside the West Lake in Hangzhou City.

Ms. Lin Li-li,President of International Women's Association in Taipei,came with vice president Feng Wen-ying for the premiere of the Chinese Spectacular in Taipei. Both of them said they experienced the deep inner meaning of traditional Chinese culture.

Ms. Lin acclaimed the Spectacular for its strength and beauty. She was deeply impressed by the virtues of "loyalty, filial piety, integrity and righteousness," presented in the show, and she said that we should let more people know that the performance is rich in graceful inner meaning of the Chinese culture. She will definitely recommend her colleagues to come see the show next year.

Vice-president Ms. Feng Wen-ying, was born in Malaysia, and has been in Taiwan for 27 years. She had received an English education, and seldom read about Chinese history and Chinese culture. After seeing the show, she was very impressed. She said, "The stories in the Spectacular convey cultural meaning in the Chinese tradition. Just as the nine scorching suns, ("Lady of the Moon"), when Hou Yi shot the eight suns down and left one in the sky, I could not hold back my tears, I understood the happiness living under one sun. I was moved! It was really Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!"

Mr. Lin Hsiang-neng, former director of Agriculture Committee, and a diplomat for over 20 years, attended the Spectacular in Taipei.

Mr. Lin Hsiang-neng attended the opening show of the Chinese Spectacular and said emotionally, "The Divine Performing Arts interprets the dance and costumes in the Tang Dynasty, it was beautifully presented. The performers' entire performance was harmonious. The music was extremely good. Each act gave me a different feeling. I can say, 'Divine Performing Arts' presents the perfection of Chinese dance."

Finally, Mr. Lin stressed that if those who understand the deep meaning of the Chinese culture come to see the Spectacular, they will surely be deeply impressed.