(Clearwisdom.net) Dr. Chen Yang-yi, Dean of the College of Marine Science at the Sun Yat-Sun University, who was a frequent visitor to the Paris Opera House and Opera House in Austria when he was an overseas student in his earlier years, attended the third show of the Chinese Spectacular by the Divine Performing Arts in Kaohsiung. He commented that the Divine Performing Arts presented the best and the most compassionate part of the Chinese tradition.

Dr. Chen Yang-yi, Dean of the College of Marine Science at the Sun Yat-Sun University and his wife

Mr. Chen said, "The gentleness and compassion presented by the Divine Performing Arts, particularly the kindness, is a very high realm. Moreover, they were presented naturally. The performance also turned the presentation of dance techniques of high caliber into the harmonious and natural presentation of human nature. This is a major achievement."

Mr. Chen spoke highly of the Divine Performing Arts. He said, "The Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular educates, inspires and presents the best side of human nature. It also harmoniously presents the most wonderful part of our ancestors' tradition. Having the show come here is really good fortune for us."

Lin Rui-hsing, Chair of the Department of Physical Education at the National Pingtung University of Education: A Stunning Performance

Mr. Lin attended the Chinese Spectacular in Kaohsiung and praised the show highly. He said, "It's the first time that I saw such a performance! I was deeply impressed. The entire performance was compact and smooth. The hosts linked up every program with brief explanations, and it was really well-done. What was even more commendable was that the content was historical; for example, the legends 'The Loyalty of Yue Fei' and 'Lady of the Moon,' were presented and interpreted through dance dramas. It's a very good learning experience. We learn about Chinese culture and also appreciate the beautiful dances."

Lin Rui-hsing, Chair of Department of Physical Education at the National Pingtung University of Education

Mr. Lin was deeply impressed by the dances "Water Sleeves," "Lightness and Grace," and "Drummers of the Tang Court." He said, "No matter if presenting masculine strength or feminine charm, the performers' movements were precise and in sync. The melody of the music perfectly matched the dance performance. The change of dance postures, be it soft or powerful, presented strength and depth. It has the positive effect of inspiring and purifying our heart and soul. Also, the backdrop designs, and costumes were well coordinated, rich and diversified. All in all, I thought the show was stunning!"

Wu Cheng-ting, a teacher at Wanggong Elementary School praised the Chinese Spectacular as a delightful experience

Wu Cheng-ting, who teaches at the Wanggong Elementary School said that the Divine Performing Arts provided visual and spiritual joy

Mr. Wu learned about the Chinese Spectacular from a friend, and was very pleased that he could attend the show. He said it was a beautiful experience. He commented, "The rhythm of the drumming was inspiring, very impressive. The dances were gentle and elegant, bringing a visual and spiritual joy. The vocalist sang the high notes so beautifully, and the music for every performance was pleasant to the ears. The dynamic backdrop was vivid and novel. The entire impression was very beautiful and enjoyable."

Li Ya-hui, secretary of Shu-Te University: The combination of Chinese classical dance and modern technique is amazing and impressive

Li Ya-hui, secretary of the Shu-Te University

Ms. Li said that she was most impressed by two performances, "Water Sleeves" and "Lightness and Grace." She said, "The dance number, the background music, and stage backdrop were well coordinated, giving me a pleasant surprise, because the coordination was really terrific! Particularly the scene in the dance, "Lady of the Moon", when Chang-E finally flew up to the moon, at that moment, I was overwhelmed!"