(Clearwisdom.net) On March 9, 2008 the second show of the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular was held in Taichung. Like the first one, it was a full house. Every time the curtain went up, a beautiful scene was presented to the audience and drew them in. Enthusiastic applause arose from the audience even before the end of many performances. The performance "Awakening" received several rounds of applause. Audience members shouted "Bravo!" to soprano Huang Biru and tenor Hong Ming.

Zither Teacher: Performers Very Focused with Great Power

Ms. Chen Liping who has taught zither for more than thirty years happened to be in Taiwan from New Zealand. She was invited by relatives to see the show. During the intermission, she said she liked the performance about water ('Nymphs of the Sea') best because it was very gentle and depicted softness and femininity. She also liked the last performance of the first half of the show "Drummers of the Tang Court". She said with delight, "It was fantastic as a whole. With the animation of the backdrops, it was really great."

Chen said that the music was wonderful and she really wished she could see more even after the two-hour show was over. She observed that the performers were very focused when performing, which she felt was great. Compared to performers from other troupes she had seen, performers from the Divine Performing Arts were particularly concentrated. She was moved by this. She was also curious and wondered if they were cultivators because the show was so outstanding compared to other performing troupes.

Chen was also interested in their performances in other cities and asked for information about shows in Taiwan, US, and New Zealand.

Sales and Planning Manager: The Show Touches the Core of Human Nature

After the show, Ms. Zhang Miaozhu and her friends stayed behind taking photos at the lobby. Zhang is the owner of a sales and planning company. She said the best part of the Divine Performing Arts performances was that they presented traditional Chinese culture to audiences and that the core value of the show was "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" which could touch people's hearts and make them think about human nature.

Zhang said: "Culture events like this can touch the inner most part of one's heart. They can even have a positive effect on our inner being and to all society." She felt that the core values of Divine Performing Arts "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" can bring out the fundamental truth of human nature and she thought this was very important.