(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts came to Kaohsiung City last March to perform three shows in the Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center, next to the Kaohsiung Municipal Siao Gang Senior High School in Taiwan. Many school employees enjoyed the three performances that were presented over two days. Now the Divine Performing Arts has arrived again, and people began passing this good news on to each other, from the principal to office heads, to teachers and their spouses. Many brought friends and family to the show. Seeing the Divine Performing Arts became a popular activity on campus.

Audience watching the show in Kaohsiung City

Principal: What a Wonderful Artistic Feast

Mr. Li Hsing-Yuan is the principal of Siao Gang Senior High School. He is always supportive of humanities education and all sorts of arts activities. He bought tickets last year, but he unfortunately had to miss the show. He finally saw the performance this year and said, "The show is marvelous, super! It is a perfect combination of sincerity and kindness, strength and beauty, and art and technology. This artistic show possesses a deep cultural atmosphere."

Principal Li Hsing-Yuan

Mr. Li admired the entire Divine Performing Arts Spectacular very much. He explained, "Cultural heritage is accumulated and passed down bit by bit, shaped by artistic appreciation, internal echoing, and movements of the heart: only in this way can culture be deeply rooted. The program is very exquisite and elegant, gentle but divine, and such an artistic feast! I am not just praising it verbally, my heart is full of joy as well. Today, I am truly happy and grateful!"

Chinese Teacher: Glad to See Hope for the Future of Chinese Culture

Ms. Lin Li-Yuan said after the show, "Each program is unique but impressive. When the curtain opened and 'Descent of the Celestial Kings' showed gods on layers upon layers of clouds coming down in elegant costumes, my breath was taken away by the sacred scene. 'Drummers of the Tang Court' and 'Victory Drums' were so grand and soul shaking. 'The Loyalty of Yue Fei' on the modern stage is very deeply educational and enables young people to learn the virtues of loyalty, filial piety, benevolence, integrity, propriety, learning, and trustworthiness."

"I do not know why I was so moved by the show. I feel as if Chinese culture can be inherited through the Divine Performing Arts Spectacular and spread all over the world, along with the long and wonderful history of China."

Ms. Lin observed, "Another phenomenon was the scenery design. The choreography for 'The Lady of the Moon' was so wonderful! The dancers' entrances and exits melted into the scenery, extended the unlimited space, and had a great visual effect. The effect was especially good for the last scene in 'The Power of Awareness,' with the dancers sitting down one line after another; it connected with the boundless imagery. The producer behind the scenes is truly great. They certainly created a successful program. On stage or behind the scenes, it was all very outstanding."

Physics Teacher: Hints on My Subject of "the Meaning of Life"

Mr. Fu Yong-Au is an outstanding physics teacher, but he loves subjects such as religion, philosophy, and the meaning of life. His colleague recommended the Divine Performing Arts Spectacular to him. He praised the dancers as very professional, well-trained, and graceful, with elegant costumes. He felt the backdrop was stunning. However, his interest was mainly in the deep meanings of life that moved his heart.

Mr. Fu said, "I love the beauty of the Chinese culture, and the Divine Performing Arts promote the righteous principles of the Buddha Law while not neglecting traditional culture to nurture the content; this is very good. I am not very clear on the theory of Falun Gong, but the lyrics of 'May You Understand' moved me. I have always been interested with the relationship between humans and the heavens, but I agree that the key issue of life is to find one's 'true self;' nothing is more important than this."

Mr. Fu added, "In 'May You Understand,' I learned that there is a group of people also concerned with this question, and they are carefully pursuing the answers. I hope I have the opportunity to learn more and more in depth. When we are suppressed and living amongst difficulties, how can we surpass them? How can we find fundamental relief in practical life? How can we pursue the meaning of life? These ideas are the biggest benefits I derived from watching the show. To summarize my thoughts on the Divine Performing Arts: 'Eliminating dust while clearing everything.' We are living in a messy world, and it is hard to uphold a moral standard. We must live with a clear mind."

Administrator's Wife: Indescribably Good, Good Enough to See Again

The wife of Administrator Mr. Chen Liang-Jie saw last year's show and loved it. She reminded her husband to buy tickets this year and invited her friends to come enjoy the beauty.

During the intermission, Mrs. Chen told the journalist, "The beginning of the show was very inspiring. The Buddha descended from heaven, spread the Fa with the other gods, and saved people; what a great way to promote the Buddha law! The classical stories, such as 'The Loyalty of Yue Fei,' 'The Lady of the Moon,' etc., are all educational. These dances help people."

Mrs. Chen loved the artistry: "I think spirit of the Divine Performing Arts is a noble one. They are well-trained, have beautiful costumes, and change their costumes and the scenery very quickly. The show is fast paced, which is very effective, and it makes the audience feel like they are watching a world-class show."

She added, "I saw a show from Yunnan Province before, but it was totally different. In that show they were just dancing, and it lacked themes and the profound spiritual content of the DPA. Just the DPA music was so great. It gave us a complete experience of enjoyment. The scenery, stage crew, performers, and the whole atmosphere harmonized so well. I think it is all very good. I will come next year and bring my friends."